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You Will Make Mistakes

</scorpion>: FAIL Anyone out there see the TV pilot of Scorpion? Genius hacker squad meets Homeland Security in a fast-paced thriller to save hundreds of airplanes from crashing after LAX air t...

posted by Jason Sachs on Sep 28 2014 under Software Development | Project Management 
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Ada - 7 Segments and Catching Errors

[quicklinks]   7 Segments the Ada Way Here is the Ada version (I should say AN Ada version) of the 7 segment multiplexing code presented in the last installment.  The hardware now is the ...

posted by Mike Silva on Sep 22 2014 under ARM | Software Development | Microprocessor 
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Important Programming Concepts (Even on Embedded Systems) Part II: Immutability

The previous article in this series discussed idempotence. This article will discuss immutability, and some of its variations in the topic of functional programming. There are a whole series of benef...

posted by Jason Sachs on Sep 14 2014 under Software Development | System Design 
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Important Programming Concepts (Even on Embedded Systems) Part I: Idempotence

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of subtle concepts that contribute to high quality software design. Many of them are well-known, and can be found in books or the Internet. I’m go...

posted by Jason Sachs on Aug 26 2014 under Software Development | System Design 
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Project Directory Organization

A recent question on Reddit’s C Programming sub asked what sort of directory structure people use for their projects. Perhaps not unsurprisingly this didn’t elicit a flood of answers ...

posted by Stephen Friederichs on Aug 20 2014 under Tools | Software Development | Project Management 
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Introduction to Microcontrollers - 7-segment displays & Multiplexing

[quicklinks] Doing the 7 Segment Shuffle The 7 segment display is ubiquitous in the modern world.  Just about every digital clock, calculator and movie bomb has one.  The treadmills at my ...

posted by Mike Silva on Aug 14 2014 under ARM | Tutorials | Microcontroller 
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OOKLONE: a cheap RF 433.92MHz OOK frame cloner

Introduction A few weeks ago, I bought a set of cheap wireless outlets and reimplemented the protocol for further inclusion in a domotics platform. I wrote a post about it here: http://www.embeddedr...

posted by Fabien Le Mentec on Aug 12 2014 under Software Development | Hardware Development | Microcontroller 
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Ada 2012 for ARM M3/M4 Released for Download

Previous Ada Tutorials   Ada 2012 Comes to ARM Cortex M3/M4   It's Here! Great news - AdaCore now has their initial ARM Ada port available on their download site.  You can get...

posted by Mike Silva on Aug 4 2014
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Someday We’ll Find It, The Kelvin Connection

You’d think it wouldn’t be too hard to measure electrical resistance accurately. And it’s really not, at least according to you just follow these easy steps: Choose t...

posted by Jason Sachs on Jul 28 2014 under Circuit Design | Measurement 
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Reverse engineering wireless wall outlets

Introduction I am improving the domotics framework that I described in a previous article: I want to support wireless wall outlets, allowing me to s...

posted by Fabien Le Mentec on Jul 19 2014 under Software Development | Communications | Microcontroller 
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Short Circuit Execution vs. Unit Testing

The key to effective communication is to say what you mean and avoid ambiguity.  Words and phrases with multiple meanings can confuse your audience and hinder communication. That’s why so m...

posted by Stephen Friederichs on Jul 7 2014 under Tools | Software Development | Debugging 
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Practical protection against dust and water (i.e. IP protection)

Recently, I was faced with a challenge to provide IP65 compliance in a product that had to have humidity and pressure sensors on it. The tricky part was to keep the cost of the unit under $15 while me...

posted by Dr Cagri Tanriover on Jul 5 2014 under Miscellaneous | Hardware Development | Sensors | System Design 
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10 Items of Test Equipment You Should Know

When life gets rough and a circuit board is letting you down, it’s time to turn to test equipment. The obvious ones are multimeters and oscilloscopes and power supplies. But you know about those...

posted by Jason Sachs on Jun 22 2014 under Tools | Test Equipment 
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A wireless door monitor based on the BANO framework

Introduction I have been thinking for a while about a system to monitor the states of my flat and my garage doors from a remote place. Functionnaly, I wanted to monitor the state of my doors from a r...

posted by Fabien Le Mentec on Jun 10 2014 under Software Development | Hardware Development | Microcontroller 
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Specifying the Maximum Amplifier Noise When Driving an ADC

I recently learned an interesting rule of thumb regarding the use of an amplifier to drive the input of an analog to digital converter (ADC). The rule of thumb describes how to specify the maximum all...

posted by Rick Lyons on Jun 9 2014
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Using the C language to program the am335x PRU

Introduction Some weeks ago, I published an article on how we used the PRU to implement a power supply control loop having hard realtime constraints:

posted by Fabien Le Mentec on Jun 7 2014 under Software Development | Linux 
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Musings on Publication — and Zero Sequence Modulation

Perhaps you don’t think about it, but in order for you to read these articles, someone has to do something. And I don’t just mean writing them. Stephane Boucher has set up this website so...

posted by Jason Sachs on May 30 2014 under Miscellaneous | Power Electronics 
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How to make a heap profiler

We'll see how to make a heap profiler. Example code for this post makes up heapprof, a working 250-line heap profiler for programs using malloc/free. It works out of the box on Linux (tested on "real...

posted by Yossi Kreinin on May 23 2014 under Tools | Software Development | Tutorials 
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How to Include MathJax Equations in SVG With Less Than 100 Lines of JavaScript!

Today’s short and tangential note is an account of how I dug myself out of Documentation Despair. I’ve been working on some block diagrams. You know, this sort of thing, to describe feedba...

posted by Jason Sachs on May 23 2014 under Tools | Miscellaneous 
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Vintage robotics!

The town we live in had it's yearly Spring Fesitval last weekend.  There are vendor booths, food, rides, etc - it's a fun event put on by the town.  The town shuts main street down each year...

posted by Lonnie Honeycutt on May 4 2014 under Power Supply | Control Systems 
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