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Alex Bandar's Embedded Systems Blog

Alex Bandar
Alex Bandar is a PhD metallurgist by day and aspiring kinetic artist by night. His embedded control interests involve a 68HC11 which he's using to replicate biologically dynamic motions (insect wings flapping, flowers blooming, eyes moving) as well as functional "steampunk" art. He maintains a studio at Milo Arts in Columbus, OH. | Personal Website

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Galvanic etching

One of the reasons I'm tinkering with embedded control is that I'd like to make mechanical devices move, and move with a certain intelligence (i.e. informed by sensors, or following a prescribed progr...

posted by Alex Bandar on Sep 28 2007
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First post!

Hello! I'm happy to be blogging on Comments and feedback appreciated! Here's a little background on me....My name's Alex; I received my PhD in Materials Science and Engineering...

posted by Alex Bandar on Sep 26 2007
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