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Jim Pruett's Embedded Systems Blog

Jim Pruett
Jim Pruett has designed consumer electronics that all have one common theme, they are patentable. Every processor from DSPs to the PIC to the Starcore. Every language from Python to uClinux. He started out where every EE starts out, at Motorola, then gradually through failures including, he emerged as an inventor. After a six year stink in LA, Jim ended up in Memphis, TN with his wife and toys.

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Today is national Blog about the environment day.

Today is national Blog about the environment day. So, Cheers to the environment....I guess its Hats off to Mr Gore for his Nobel prize. He certainly is a go-getter although I haven't seen his movie. W...

posted by Jim Pruett on Oct 15 2007
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GPS better than GM

I got another speeding ticket. Better me than you, right. This one got me thinking: Which is more accurate, GPS or a car speedometer? What do you think?There is plenty of σ-math available relati...

posted by Jim Pruett on Sep 26 2007
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