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Kunal Singh's Embedded Systems Blog

Kunal Singh
Kunal holds a master's degree in Micro-Electronics from BITS, Pilani (India). He has been working on Software & Hardware Development for Embedded System for last 13 Years. | Personal Website

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An overview of Linux Boot Process for Embedded Systems

This Text provides an insight in to the Embedded Linux Boot Process. Reader should have a basic Knowledge of Boot Process in general and should be familiar with Embedded Linux Boot Process...............

posted by Kunal Singh on Dec 25 2008
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Building Linux Kernel for Desktops

Linux Development has made an amazing process in last decade. Different Linux Distributions come with specific tools which greatly ease down the build process for Linux Kernel. Here is a good introduc...

posted by Kunal Singh on Aug 9 2008
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Hello Android

Finally I could get Android Early SDK up and running on my Fedora Core-7 Machine. The process was quite simple. However I had to struggle for a few days, because Fedora install the gnu version of Jav...

posted by Kunal Singh on May 5 2008
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NXP acquires Conexant STB Division

NXP semiconductors has acquired the STB business of Conexant Technologies for 100 Million US$. This deal might boost the STB business of NXP, as they will gain a huge customer base from this deal. Con...

posted by Kunal Singh on May 4 2008
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ANSI-C to VHDL compiler

Ylichron has announced the availability of "ANSI-C to VHDL" compiler. This is claimed to be first such compiler....

posted by Kunal Singh on Apr 13 2008
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Open Source Influencers

eWeek publish this list of 15 most influential personalities in Open Source World. Really Interesting....

posted by Kunal Singh on Apr 5 2008
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Multimedia Compression: Another Revolution

Researchers at University of Rochester have developed a new technology to store the Music in compressed format, where compression ratios of a factor of Tens of Thousands can be achieved . This technol...

posted by Kunal Singh on Apr 5 2008
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iPhone aca Linux Station

As the CPUs are becoming more and more powerful, the gap between Desktop PCs and a Hand-held Gadget has been sharply diminishing. In last couple of years, Laptops have eaten away a big market share fr...

posted by Kunal Singh on Mar 30 2008
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Speed Up Your Linux Box

Here are some cool tips on how you can accelerate your Linux Box....

posted by Kunal Singh on Mar 30 2008
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Configuration Management: Why Developers are Avert to

A few reasons why developers have aversion towards "Software Configuration Management Systems"(1) They do not understand the importance of configuration management. - It is a common and logi...

posted by Kunal Singh on Mar 3 2008
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Next on Cell Phone Feature List

Here are two cool features which might become common for cell phones, in next couple of years:Nano ProjectorMobile PrinterGet ready to roll with these smart technologies....

posted by Kunal Singh on Mar 3 2008
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Another "Project Management" Tool

Here is another free and impressive application "OpenProj"; all set to make hole in to MS's revenues. The "OpenProj" appears to be a great alternative to "MS Project" and...

posted by Kunal Singh on Mar 1 2008
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Nokia in Soup Again?

After suffering a big blow its image due to faulty "BL-5C Batteries", Nokia seems to have landed in another trouble. Company's decision to shutdown its manufacturing plant in Germany, has sp...

posted by Kunal Singh on Feb 29 2008
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Heading towards a More Flat World

As India (and some parts of China) continue to grow as a cost-effective destination for software development, there is some more interesting news coming from another South Asian country. Vietnam has p...

posted by Kunal Singh on Feb 29 2008
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Next time you refer to an Optical Disc

I recently came across this interesting (and lesser known) fact about Optical Discs: The word disc, in reference to DVD or CD, should be spelled with a c, not a k. The generally accepted rule is t...

posted by Kunal Singh on Jan 26 2008
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Wiki Search is here

Finally Wiki Search Engine is up an running. Not sure if Wiki can pose any threat to the popularity of Google Search. But let us hope that we will get to see many new search features in near future. B...

posted by Kunal Singh on Jan 8 2008
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Embedded Space & Software Development Practices

Embedded Programmers (at least the ones I know) are mostly at liberty to ignore the basic software development best practices, thanks to the simplicity of embedded applications. But, as the embedded p...

posted by Kunal Singh on Dec 5 2007
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Demoing Your Software

I came across this interesting blog entry on "Product Demo". Apart from touching upon some public speaking and presentation skills, it contains facts and data which you might find plenty use...

posted by Kunal Singh on Nov 20 2007
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VIGO is Cool

WWIGO (pronounced as VIGO) enables a camera phone to be used as a webcam with PC (Desktop or Laptop). WWIGO (Webcam Wherever I GO) is the first product from Embedded System start up Motvik . WWIGO i...

posted by Kunal Singh on Oct 10 2007
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Thumb Rules for Effective Meetings

Meetings are unavoidable at any work place. At most occasions, meetings can be frustrating. We all face meeting-nightmares in our professional life. I worked on a project, where none of the team-membe...

posted by Kunal Singh on Oct 3 2007
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