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Software Development - Embedded Systems

This is's official blogs section.

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Unit Tests for Embedded Code

  I originate from an electrical engineering background and my first industry experience was in a large, staid defense contractor. Both of these experiences contributed to a significant lack of ...

posted by Stephen Friederichs on Mar 5 2014 under Software Development | Tutorials | Debugging 
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Bad Hash Functions and Other Stories: Trapped in a Cage of Irresponsibility and Garden Rakes

I was recently using the publish() function in MATLAB to develop some documentation, and I ran into a problem caused by a bad hash function. In a resource-limited embedded system, you aren't likely t...

posted by Jason Sachs on Jan 28 2014 under Software Development | Applied Math 
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GSM Module Issue

Hi Friends,   The following is the initialization I am doing on fibocom G610 module   String("AT&F0\r"); //Master Reset Delay_62ms();   String("AT\r");  // Basic Comm...

posted by renesas.embed on Jan 21 2014 under Software Development | Communications 
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Implementing State Machines

State machines are a great way to design software but they can be difficult to implement well.To illustrate this I’ll develop a simple state machine then increase the complexity to demonstrate s...

posted by Stephen Friederichs on Jan 18 2014 under Software Development | Tutorials 
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Understanding and Preventing Overflow (I Had Too Much to Add Last Night)

Happy Thanksgiving! Maybe the memory of eating too much turkey is fresh in your mind. If so, this would be a good time to talk about overflow. In the world of floating-point arithmetic, overflow is p...

posted by Jason Sachs on Dec 4 2013 under Software Development | Tutorials 
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Delayed printf for real-time logging

You often debug by adding a few printfs and looking at the logs. In some real-time/low-level contexts though, you don't have time for text formatting. You don't want prints to affect timing too much,...

posted by Yossi Kreinin on Oct 25 2013 under Tools | Software Development | Debugging 
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Coroutines in one page of C

A coroutine is a function that you can jump back into after returning from it - and it remembers where it was in the code, and all the variables. This is very useful at times. One use is generating a...

posted by Yossi Kreinin on Aug 20 2013 under Software Development | Microprocessor 
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Code Metrics - SLOC Count

Many programmers will start having flashbacks at the title of this article because it contains the words 'metrics' and 'SLOC'.  Newer programmers are probably wondering what all of the fuss is ab...

posted by Stephen Friederichs on Aug 19 2013 under Tools | Software Development | Project Management 
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[ C Programming Techniques: integer type optimization ]

I am currently working on a voltage controller running on a ATMEGA328P, ATMEL AVR 8 bits microcontroller. The controller logic is implemented in the main() routine and relies on a periodical timer who...

posted by fabien le mentec on May 22 2013
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Interfacing LINUX with microcontrollers

Introduction I am increasingly asked to work on small spare time projects where a user needs to control some device over the INTERNET. Recently, a friend needed to control heater relays and measure t...

posted by fabien le mentec on May 7 2013
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C Programming Techniques: Function Call Inlining

Introduction Abstraction is a key to manage software systems as they increase in size and complexity. As shown in a previous post, abstraction requires a developper to clearly define a software inter...

posted by fabien le mentec on Apr 29 2013
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Data Hiding in C

Strictly speaking, C is not an object-oriented language. Although it provides some features that fit into the object-oriented paradigm it has never had the full object-oriented focus that its successo...

posted by Stephen Friederichs on Apr 20 2013
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Chebyshev Approximation and How It Can Help You Save Money, Win Friends, and Influence People

Well... maybe that's a stretch. I don't think I can recommend anything to help you win friends. Not my forte. But I am going to try to convince you why you should know about Chebyshev approximation, ...

posted by Jason Sachs on Sep 30 2012
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Welcome to my life!

Hi folks! As an electronic engineer the most of my work is about making new designs where a microcontroller is present in 99.9 % of the applications. Since 2003 I am self-employed and do consultants ...

posted by Morten Dramstad on Jul 18 2012
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10 Software Tools You Should Know

Unless you're designing small analog electronic circuits, it's pretty hard these days to get things done in embedded systems design without the help of computers. I thought I'd share a list of softwar...

posted by Jason Sachs on May 20 2012
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Lightweight hardware abstraction

Some lessons are tougher than others to master.  You would think that hard fought battles would be easier to remember, but sometimes it just does not work that way.  Recently, I was asked to...

posted by Gene Breniman on Jan 31 2012
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Embedded Software Creation II - European Normative & Legislation

In this post I will explain the European Normative. I will answer the main questions and I will be open to answer all the doubts any of you could have. Please leave a comment and I will answer if i co...

posted by Maykel Alonso on Dec 20 2011
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C++ on microcontrollers 4 – input pins, and decoding a rotary switch

  previous parts: 1, 2, 3  This blog series is about the use of C++ for modern microcontrollers. My plan is to show the gradual development of a basic I/O library. I will introduce...

posted by Wouter van Ooijen on Nov 12 2011
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Modulation Alternatives for the Software Engineer

Before I get to talking about modulation, here's a brief diversion. A long time ago -- 1993, to be precise -- I took my first course on digital electronics and processors. In that class, we had to bu...

posted by Jason Sachs on Nov 8 2011
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C++ on microcontrollers 3 – a first shot at an hc595 class with 8 output pins

 previous parts: 1, 2 This blog series is about the use of C++ for modern microcontrollers. My plan is to show the gradual development of a basic I/O library. I will introduce the objec...

posted by Wouter van Ooijen on Nov 2 2011
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