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Tools - Embedded Systems

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Coding Step 1 - Hello World and Makefiles

My previous article discussed how to install GCC and the make utility with the expectation of writing and compiling your first C program. In this article, I discuss how to use those tools we installed...

posted by Stephen Friederichs on Feb 10 2015 under Tools | Software Development | Tutorials 
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Coding - Step 0: Setting Up a Development Environment

You can easily find a million articles out there discussing compiler nuances, weighing the pros and cons of various data structures or discussing the  optimization of databases. Those sorts of ar...

posted by Stephen Friederichs on Nov 25 2014 under Tools | Software Development | Tutorials 
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Project Directory Organization

A recent question on Reddit’s C Programming sub asked what sort of directory structure people use for their projects. Perhaps not unsurprisingly this didn’t elicit a flood of answers ...

posted by Stephen Friederichs on Aug 20 2014 under Tools | Software Development | Project Management 
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Short Circuit Execution vs. Unit Testing

The key to effective communication is to say what you mean and avoid ambiguity.  Words and phrases with multiple meanings can confuse your audience and hinder communication. That’s why so m...

posted by Stephen Friederichs on Jul 7 2014 under Tools | Software Development | Debugging 
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10 Items of Test Equipment You Should Know

When life gets rough and a circuit board is letting you down, it’s time to turn to test equipment. The obvious ones are multimeters and oscilloscopes and power supplies. But you know about those...

posted by Jason Sachs on Jun 22 2014 under Tools | Test Equipment 
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How to make a heap profiler

We'll see how to make a heap profiler. Example code for this post makes up heapprof, a working 250-line heap profiler for programs using malloc/free. It works out of the box on Linux (tested on "real...

posted by Yossi Kreinin on May 23 2014 under Tools | Software Development | Tutorials 
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How to Include MathJax Equations in SVG With Less Than 100 Lines of JavaScript!

Today’s short and tangential note is an account of how I dug myself out of Documentation Despair. I’ve been working on some block diagrams. You know, this sort of thing, to describe feedba...

posted by Jason Sachs on May 23 2014 under Tools | Miscellaneous 
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Using a RTLSDR dongle to validate NRF905 configuration

I am currently working on a system to monitor the garage door status from my flat. Both places are 7 floors apart, and I need to send the data wirelessly. I chose to operate on the 433MHz carrier, and...

posted by Fabien Le Mentec on Jan 27 2014 under Tools | Communications | Microcontroller 
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Energia - program a TI MSP430 using Arduino sketches

TI MSP430 Launchpad I started tinkering with microcontroller a couple of years ago with an Arduino Uno.  I had a little experience with C, so programming in the Arduino environment has been re...

posted by Lonnie Honeycutt on Nov 5 2013 under Tools | Tutorials | MSP430 | Microcontroller 
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Delayed printf for real-time logging

You often debug by adding a few printfs and looking at the logs. In some real-time/low-level contexts though, you don't have time for text formatting. You don't want prints to affect timing too much,...

posted by Yossi Kreinin on Oct 25 2013 under Tools | Software Development | Debugging 
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Code Metrics - SLOC Count

Many programmers will start having flashbacks at the title of this article because it contains the words 'metrics' and 'SLOC'.  Newer programmers are probably wondering what all of the fuss is ab...

posted by Stephen Friederichs on Aug 19 2013 under Tools | Software Development | Project Management 
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Adventures in Signal Processing with Python (MATLAB? We don’t need no stinkin' MATLAB!)

OK, now back to some down-to-earth topics after that last philosophical diversion. This post will be a short tour of PyLab, and a springboard for a number of other topics — including that long-a...

posted by Jason Sachs on Jun 23 2013
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10 Software Tools You Should Know

Unless you're designing small analog electronic circuits, it's pretty hard these days to get things done in embedded systems design without the help of computers. I thought I'd share a list of softwar...

posted by Jason Sachs on May 20 2012
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Kind of Buggy! The state machine fantastic//

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to experience a lot of different kinds of coding mistakes. There were many that most programmers are familiar with, counting errors, indexing errors (the inf...

posted by Richard Dorfner on Aug 31 2011
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Building Linux Kernel for Desktops

Linux Development has made an amazing process in last decade. Different Linux Distributions come with specific tools which greatly ease down the build process for Linux Kernel. Here is a good introduc...

posted by Kunal Singh on Aug 9 2008
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Hello Android

Finally I could get Android Early SDK up and running on my Fedora Core-7 Machine. The process was quite simple. However I had to struggle for a few days, because Fedora install the gnu version of Jav...

posted by Kunal Singh on May 5 2008
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Speed Up Your Linux Box

Here are some cool tips on how you can accelerate your Linux Box....

posted by Kunal Singh on Mar 30 2008
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Configuration Management: Why Developers are Avert to

A few reasons why developers have aversion towards "Software Configuration Management Systems"(1) They do not understand the importance of configuration management. - It is a common and logi...

posted by Kunal Singh on Mar 3 2008
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Another "Project Management" Tool

Here is another free and impressive application "OpenProj"; all set to make hole in to MS's revenues. The "OpenProj" appears to be a great alternative to "MS Project" and...

posted by Kunal Singh on Mar 1 2008
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Will work for tools!

I have always believed that tools are necessary to the creative process. This is something I learned early in life and it's a lesson that has stuck with me to this day. When I was 7 years old, I made...

posted by Gene Breniman on Sep 23 2007
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