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career - Embedded Systems

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Car Wrap Advertising Saves Companies Time and Money

Advertising used to be as simple as placing a small ad in the newspaper.  Today, advertising is one of the greatest challenges that companies face.  Thanks to technology, there are several w...

posted by duramalich on Jun 26 2014 under Miscellaneous | Communications | Career | Optimization 
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Thoughts on Starting a New Career

I recently completed a 16-year stint at an engineering company. I started there fresh out of college in June 1996. This June I just started a new career as an applications engineer in the area of moto...

posted by Jason Sachs on Jul 22 2012
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Organizational Reliability

I was cleaning out my email inbox at work today and ran across something I had forwarded on to a friend a few years ago, which I thought I would share, for those of you who are working in the engineer...

posted by Jason Sachs on Dec 22 2011
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