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communications - Embedded Systems

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The CRC Wild Goose Chase: PPP Does What?!?!?!

I got a bad feeling yesterday when I had to include reference information about a 16-bit CRC in a serial protocol document I was writing. And I knew it wasn’t going to end well. The last time I...

posted by Jason Sachs on Oct 23 2014 under Software Development | Communications | System Design 
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Reverse engineering wireless wall outlets

Introduction I am improving the domotics framework that I described in a previous article: I want to support wireless wall outlets, allowing me to s...

posted by Fabien Le Mentec on Jul 19 2014 under Software Development | Communications | Microcontroller 
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Using a RTLSDR dongle to validate NRF905 configuration

I am currently working on a system to monitor the garage door status from my flat. Both places are 7 floors apart, and I need to send the data wirelessly. I chose to operate on the 433MHz carrier, and...

posted by Fabien Le Mentec on Jan 27 2014 under Tools | Communications | Microcontroller 
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MSP430 LaunchPad Tutorial - Part 4 - UART Transmission

Today we are going to learn how to communicate using UART with the Launchpad. For this purpose I will replace the default microcontroller that comes with the board with the MSP430G2553. It is the most...

posted by Enrico Garante on Jul 3 2013 under Tutorials | Communications | MSP430 
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Endianness and Serial Communication

Endianness is a consideration that is easily overlooked in the design of embedded systems. I myself am amply guilty of this oversight. It’s something you don’t ever have to worry about if ...

posted by Stephen Friederichs on May 20 2013
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A very unique SIM900 design

The company SIMCOM has produced a variety of GSM/GPRS modules which are quite cheap, easy to use with a standard performance. Amongst these the SIM900 is a very interesting device, it is very similar ...

posted by Maziar Tasbihi on Aug 11 2012
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Help, My Serial Data Has Been Framed: How To Handle Packets When All You Have Are Streams

Today we're going to talk about data framing and something called COBS, which will make your life easier the next time you use serial communications on an embedded system -- but first, here's a quiz: ...

posted by Jason Sachs on Dec 11 2011
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