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ADC - Embedded Systems

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ADC12 in MSP430169

Am new to embedded systems & currently doing a project on ADC12 MSP430. Need to perform 10 repeated analog to digital conversions on a single channel. Must enable watchdog timer and use ...

posted by s7 on Jan 6 2015 under ADC | MSP430 | Microcontroller 
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MSP430 LaunchPad Tutorial - Part 3 - ADC

In this new episode of our journey into MSP430 I will explain the basics of Analog to Digital Conversion on the MSP430G2231.We will write a program that will read an ADC channel and will toggle some l...

posted by Enrico Garante on Jun 25 2013
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Isolated Sigma-Delta Modulators, Rah Rah Rah!

I recently faced a little "asterisk" problem, which looks like it can be solved with some interesting ICs.  I needed to plan out some test instrumentation to capture voltage and current informat...

posted by Jason Sachs on Apr 25 2013
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Analog-to-Digital Confusion: Pitfalls of Driving an ADC

  Imagine the following scenario:You're a successful engineer (sounds nice, doesn't it!) working on a project with three or four circuit boards. More than even you can handle, so you give one of...

posted by Jason Sachs on Nov 19 2011
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