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VCC and Ground   [7 Articles]

Thai - Nov 15 2009
Hello all, I just purchased a Minidragon plus2 board and would like to interface it with a 16x2 LCD display but I could not find where VCC and GROUND on the board to power the L... VCC and Ground

timer ports, ping ultrasonic sensors + dragon bored 12   [7 Articles]

Heart Online - Nov 11 2009
hello =A0am new to the 68hc12 enviorment, but recently i have purchsed adragon bo= red plus=20 from .. and some ultrasonic ping sensors from parllex=20 i waas... timer ports, ping ultrasonic sensors + dragon bored 12

HCS12 SCI Flash Programming Help   [2 Articles]

jssimbe - Nov 6 2009
I'm using and HCS12 with icc12 compiler. I'm using SCI1 to communicate to a touch screen LCD. This program loads the LCD GUI. When I try loading the program into flash, it doesn... HCS12 SCI Flash Programming Help

Dragon Board 12 Serial Communication C code Help   [12 Articles]

0 - Nov 1 2009
Hello all, I am hoping someone has some incite as to what I am doing wrong here, I figure it is a small problem but I am out of ideas. This is just a test to figure out how to pass... Dragon Board 12 Serial Communication C code Help

Counting 1's in 16 bit word   [11 Articles]

AlD - Oct 31 2009
I am trying to count the number of 1's in a sixteen bit word for MC68HC12. The only way I can think of is to use 16 BITA instructions, one for each bit location, then increment a c... Counting 1's in 16 bit word

Machine code relative offsets   [5 Articles]

AlD - Oct 23 2009
I am trying to understand how assembly is translated into machine code. I understand how to get the machine coding formats but I'm not sure how to calculate 'rr' in all cases. For ... Machine code relative offsets

xdp512 pwm issue   [2 Articles]

Robert - Oct 21 2009
Hi, I can usually muddle through on debugging issues but I can't figure this one out and would appreciate it if anyone has seen something similar and can offer some advice. I... xdp512 pwm issue

update on free HCS12(X) tools

mculater12 - Oct 7 2009
Greetings from Technological Arts! I'd like to let everyone in the HCS12(X) community know about several free development tools that have been released recently. This announcemen... update on free HCS12(X) tools

need info regarding peripherals   [2 Articles]

abhishek_muse - Sep 27 2009
Can you please tell me an extensive list of all the peripherals being supported by 68hc12.. Its very urgent.. I got an assignment to do.. ------------------------------------ ... need info regarding peripherals

legacy: MiniIDE and HC9S12D64   [6 Articles]

warm38spl - Sep 26 2009
I am working with a legacy program written in HC11 assembler and ported to HC9S12D64 assembler using MiniIDE and using TwinPeeks2.0 as the monitor residing at $F000-$FFFF. The p... legacy: MiniIDE and HC9S12D64
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