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Discussion group dedicated to the Philips LPC2000 family of ARM MCUs

FTDI drivers and OpenOCD - "" - May 5 3:50:48 2013

I need to keep my current FTDI drivers for my Olimex USB-JTAG device since I have some historic program that use Crossworks 1.7

When I use the FTDI drivers with OpenOCD within Eclipse I get the following response:

Error: libusb_get_string_descriptor_ascii() failed with -5
Error: no device found
Error: unable to open ftdi device with vid 15ba, pid 0004, description 'Olimex USB Serial Converter' and serial '*'

I have tried to change the olimex-jtag-tiny.cfg file to match the device description but I get no joy.

I would prefer not to use the lib-usb drivers as Crossworks doesn't work with them, and I'd rather not have to keep swapping drivers every time I switch.

Can anyone help?