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Discussion Groups | MSP430 | Re: smaller JTAG connector profile

The purpose of this group is to foster exchange of information on the Texas Instruments MSP430 family of microcontrollers and related tools. Everyone welcome, all levels of familiarity/expertise.

Re: smaller JTAG connector profile - Paul Curtis - Jul 4 6:53:00 2005

Try an FPC connector like the SoftBaugh one:

Paul Curtis, Rowley Associates Ltd
CrossWorks for MSP430, ARM, AVR and (soon) MAXQ processors 

> -----Original Message-----
> From: hc08jb8 [mailto:hc08jb8@hc08...] 
> Sent: 04 July 2005 10:56
> To: msp430@msp4...
> Subject: [msp430] smaller JTAG connector profile
> Hello Guys
> The standard JTAG connector is a 2x14 DIL pin type, I know 
> that only out of the 14 only 9 pins are used. I would like to 
> have a full JTAG compatibility but not at the expense of PCB 
> real estate. So I am considering replacing the usual 2x14 row 
> connectors with something smaller, I believe some of you 
> might have already done this, if so any particular 
> alternative connector to recomend? 
> Is the 9 connections the absolute minimum or can one leave 
> out any of it?
> Thanks
> Jay
> .
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