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Advanced Linux Programming

What Every Programmer Should Know About Memory

Introduction to Embedded Systems

C++ Tutorial

Embedded Systems - Theory and Design Methodology

Microcontroller Programming and Interfacing

Introduction to Microcontrollers

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OOKLONE: a cheap RF 433.92MHz OOK frame cloner
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Practical protection against dust and water (i.e. IP protection)
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Introduction to Microcontrollers

1 - Beginnings

2 - Further Beginnings

3 - Hello World

4 - More On GPIO

5 - Interrupts

6 - More On Interrupts

7 - Timers

8 - Adding Some Real-World Hardware

9 - More Timers and Displays

10 - Buttons and Bouncing

11 - Button Matrix & Auto Repeating

12 - Driving WS2812 RGB LEDs

13 - 7-segment displays & Multiplexing

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