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Comp.Arch.Embedded is a worldwide Usenet news group that is used to discuss various aspects of Embedded Systems development.

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NXP buying Freescale - thoughts? [6 replies]

Posted by Dimiter_Popoff - 1 hour ago

Just got the news, someone posted it elsewhere. My nightmare is that they will kill the power architecture line and will go all ARM, may be this is what this is all about - leaving power only beh...NXP buying Freescale - thoughts?

BLEduino - Gone for Good? [13 replies]

Posted by rickman - 18 hours ago I can't find any responses to questions asked in the forum. There seems to be no way to buy these. The only sign of life is that there are posts that people got the ...BLEduino - Gone for Good?

OpenOCD, JTAG, ARM [10 replies]

Posted by Michael Welle - 2 days ago

Hello, I have this ARM eval board from IAR/Olimex. Suddenly (what ever that means) it stopped working. I can't connect anymore: ~> openocd -f /usr/share/openocd/scripts/interface/jlink.cfg ...OpenOCD, JTAG, ARM

Doorbell "button" [82 replies]

Posted by Don Y - 2 days ago

Hi, [Amusing that we tend to call the *button* and the *annunciator* "The Doorbell"! :-/ ] Anyway... I'm looking for an unusual idea as to how to implement the "button"...Doorbell "button"

Bluetooth or Other Remote Control Link [20 replies]

Posted by rickman - 3 days ago

A friend has asked me for help with an idea he has which requires a simple RF link to control a 12 volt circuit. One end of the link would need an MCU to collect the inputs and make a decision ab...Bluetooth or Other Remote Control Link

Really tiny microcontrollers [71 replies]

Posted by Paul Rubin - 4 days ago

I'm wondering what the physically smallest microcontrollers are, that aren't too crazy to program and that are amenable to hand soldering with normal SMT tools. I've found some of the ATtiny parts ...Really tiny microcontrollers

Production programming of AT32UC3A1512 [4 replies]

Posted by Jack - 5 days ago

Hello, for a project it has been decided to use an Atmel AT32UC3A1512. For developement I'm using the ATAVRDRAGON board to program the chip using JTAG (and all working correctly). Now the projec...Production programming of AT32UC3A1512

SD card SPI a bad idea? [14 replies]

Started by John Speth 5 days ago

Hi folks- My HW/SW design team is deep into the design cycle of a consumer device that has a micro SD card socket. We chose SPI communication instead of SDIO. The choice has mostly worked but...SD card SPI a bad idea?

USB Suspend Current enforcement [11 replies]

Started by Unknown 5 days ago

I'm working on a USB device that will need to be powered during "Global Sus= pend" and will draw around 150mA of current - this maybe reduced to around = 95mA. I'm getting confused about s...USB Suspend Current enforcement

factory-marked bad blocks lost [8 replies]

Posted by alb - 6 days ago

Hi there, /thanks/ to a buggy control software and potentially a wrong approach in error handling, we have wiped out the factory-marked bad block information on a NAND flash device (Micron). ...factory-marked bad blocks lost

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