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Comp.Arch.Embedded is a worldwide Usenet news group that is used to discuss various aspects of Embedded Systems development.

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Low memory footprint UART-based text user interface [17 replies]

Posted by Ang Zhi Ping - 2 days ago

I am looking for a textual user interface library on the Nios II microcontroller running on an FPGA. The Nios controller talks to a host computer via serial port. The code running on the Nios II s...Low memory footprint UART-based text user interface

8051 serial communication with 2 devices [6 replies]

Posted by ARUNBALAJI - 3 days ago

i would like to connect 2 devices like GSM, Zigbee, with one 8051 microcontroller. is it possible to connect with one 8051 are i need to provide separate microcontroller for each device. please provid...8051 serial communication with 2 devices

AT+CSQ for 3G signal quality level? [2 replies]

Posted by pozzugno - 6 days ago

I know I can send AT+CSQ command to retrieve RSSI and BER, but I think it is related to 2G connection only. How can I retrieve the 3G (UMTS) signal quality level, when the 3G modem is connected...AT+CSQ for 3G signal quality level?

Gui application for embedded system [79 replies]

Started by Lanarcam 6 days ago

I am asking this here since you have probably met the problem. I have developped an embedded system that has a serial link (RS232) as user interface. So far we used a terminal to communicate but I ...Gui application for embedded system

GPS tracking application [1 replies]

Posted by pozzugno - 7 days ago

I need to log GPS coordinates (time and position) every x seconds. I have a GPS receiver connected through RS232. Together I have to log measures from sensors connected to another RS232 port (prop...GPS tracking application

SGML/XML tools for arbitrary access to entities within document? [2 replies]

Posted by Don Y - 2 weeks ago

Hi, I am driving much of my software from data excised from formal documents that describe the algorithms involved in much more detail (and modalities) than is possible with (textual) "sour...SGML/XML tools for arbitrary access to entities within document?

Favorite VM for development? [19 replies]

Posted by Dave Nadler - 2 weeks ago

So here I am, trying to (again) help (another) customer whose previous cons= ultant didn't leave complete sources and tools, and who cannot reproduce th= eir production firmware. Aarrgggg... In p...Favorite VM for development?

CFP: EECEA2014 Malaysia

Posted by Hazel Ann - 2 weeks ago

The International Conference on Electrical, Electronics, Computer Engineering and their Applications (EECEA2014) Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ...CFP: EECEA2014 Malaysia

trying to understand JTAG [17 replies]

Posted by Kristoff Bonne - 3 weeks ago

Hi all, After having played around with a MSP430 on a TI launchpad, I got intereste= d in onchip debugging. (the TI-launchpad has a spy-by wire interface which = works quite nicely) In the...trying to understand JTAG

CfP 20th Conf. Reliable Software Technologies, Ada-Europe 2015

Posted by Dirk Craeynest - 4 weeks ago

----------------------------------------------------------------------- Preliminary Call for Papers 20th International Conference on Reliab...CfP 20th Conf. Reliable Software Technologies, Ada-Europe 2015

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