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Comp.Arch.Embedded is a worldwide Usenet news group that is used to discuss various aspects of Embedded Systems development.

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Tracking localization changes in repository

Posted by Don Y - 2 hours ago

Hi, I run several OS's, here. I'd like to get *all* of them under CM/VCS. In the past, I've just tracked my NetBSD boxen as I've already got the source repository on-line, locally. [Ignore, f...Tracking localization changes in repository

Languages, is popularity dominating engineering? [109 replies]

Posted by Ed Prochak - 3 hours ago

As I began my career in software and systems, choosing a programming language was at times serious. Over the years it seems that choosing a programming language has become: what is popular (or perceiv...Languages, is popularity dominating engineering?

seeking USB interface/breakout board with 2x serial, GPIO... [13 replies]

Posted by jkn - 6 hours ago

Hi all I'm trying to source a prototyping/interfacing board to control via a desktop PC with USB port. Ideally it should have the following ports on it: - 1 RS-232 port - 1 RS-485 port - 'a fe...seeking USB interface/breakout board with 2x serial, GPIO...

AAME Certification preparation

Posted by mark - 7 hours ago

Can you please suggest me something else as the The Definitive Guide to the ARM Cortex-M3 - ARM -- ...AAME Certification preparation

FPGA on Android [13 replies]

Posted by Tim - 1 day ago

- non-volatile FPGA plus FTDI USB chip - connects to an Android host mode USB port - application software in Lua, with Java interface/driver - high-level Gideros software for whizzy graphics - FPG...FPGA on Android

Seeking Avocet/Huntsville Micro HMI-200 materials [6 replies]

Posted by msg - 5 days ago

Greetings: Found at a local dump: Huntsville Micro HMI-200-8096 -- Intel 8096 ICE with DIP pod and probes, no software or documentation. Avocet's website is devoid of operating documentation an...Seeking Avocet/Huntsville Micro HMI-200 materials

delta sigma mod. for BLDC motor controller [3 replies]

Posted by alb - 6 days ago

Ok, here we go again with my lack of knowledge on digital control, so pardon me if it looks I'm just waving hands in the blind (I'm not blind but I'm italian and waving hands is pretty much a sigma mod. for BLDC motor controller

[DHT22] [7 replies]

Posted by Andre - 1 week ago

hi everybody. I have a not so good experience with DHT22 I have two and even when placed in the same circuit( replacing each other) they don't give same results, with important differences. Any I...[DHT22]

Replacing LPC2478 with LPC1788 [11 replies]

Posted by Jens Gydesen - 1 week ago

Hi, I have a lpc2478 PCB, with 16M SDRAM, 1/4 VGA LCD i. a. This board has run perfect for years. The SDRAM is 2x Micron MT48LC16M4A2. In order to modernize this PCB, the cpu is replaced wit...Replacing LPC2478 with LPC1788

Modern debuggers cause bad code quality [107 replies]

Started by Oliver Betz 1 week ago

Hi All, of course, the subject is just a rant to make you read and comment this. Did developers two decades ago think better before they started coding? In the early days of embedded comput...Modern debuggers cause bad code quality

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