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Comp.Arch.Embedded is a worldwide Usenet news group that is used to discuss various aspects of Embedded Systems development.

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recommendations for a 32bit board with 16bit 1Msps ADC [6 replies]

Posted by stellar41 - 1 hour ago

Hi Im looking for a stand alone board to develop a data logger + data analysis instrument. Im having trouble locating a board with adequate specs. The crucial requirements: 32 bit cpu with a couple...recommendations for a 32bit board with 16bit 1Msps ADC

atxmega32a4u programming manual [9 replies]

Started by Hul Tytus 10 hours ago

comp.arch.embedded atxmega32a4u programming manual The programming manual for Atmel's atxmega(16,32,64,128)a4u is, hopefully, hidding. Is anyone here familiar with this device - it's the recent...atxmega32a4u programming manual

Inventek ISM43362

Started by Unknown 13 hours ago

Hi All, Does anyone here have hands-on experience with the Inventek ISM43362 WiFi module? Cheers, Meindert ...Inventek ISM43362

Some help on using a small 2.4" touch TFT display [26 replies]

Posted by pozz - 4 days ago

I'm going to develop a project where a small 2.4" TFT display module with resistive touch panel will be used. I'd like to use free emWin libraries distributed from NXP or ST for their Cort...Some help on using a small 2.4" touch TFT display

Embedded Scripting -- Tcl? Lua? Thoughts? Suggestions? [79 replies]

Posted by Tim Wescott - 4 days ago

The title says most of it. I'm working on a project for which the customer wants a lot of flexibility to customize a product. The existing "macro language" is ancient (ca 1985), cryp...Embedded Scripting -- Tcl?  Lua?  Thoughts?  Suggestions?

NXP buying Freescale - thoughts? [22 replies]

Posted by Dimiter_Popoff - 2 weeks ago

Just got the news, someone posted it elsewhere. My nightmare is that they will kill the power architecture line and will go all ARM, may be this is what this is all about - leaving power only beh...NXP buying Freescale - thoughts?

Production programming of AT32UC3A1512 [6 replies]

Posted by Jack - 2 weeks ago

Hello, for a project it has been decided to use an Atmel AT32UC3A1512. For developement I'm using the ATAVRDRAGON board to program the chip using JTAG (and all working correctly). Now the projec...Production programming of AT32UC3A1512

Code metrics [74 replies]

Posted by Don Y - 2 weeks ago

Hi, Any pointers to research that can shed light on the robustness/vulnerability of *particular* code metrics in the context of modeling: - effort required - "code correctness" (non-bu...Code metrics

Decompile/disassmble embedded software (bootloaders) [2 replies]

Posted by Gianguido - 2 weeks ago

Hi all, In cheap home routers it happens that bootloaders perform some checks to allow only vendor-approved firmware releases. Bootloaders are tiny -usually 64 bytes- and often contain meaningful ...Decompile/disassmble embedded software (bootloaders)

Really tiny microcontrollers [72 replies]

Posted by Paul Rubin - 3 weeks ago

I'm wondering what the physically smallest microcontrollers are, that aren't too crazy to program and that are amenable to hand soldering with normal SMT tools. I've found some of the ATtiny parts ...Really tiny microcontrollers

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