The Internet of Things (or IoT) has become over the last few years the #1 buzzword in the embedded and electronics world. Here we aggregate for you some recent and popular #IoT tweets, videos, reddit posts, crowdfunded projects and whitepapers .

Arduino (@arduino) 2 days ago

Easy, global cellular connectivity for your Arduino IoT Cloud projects! Bring your MKR GSM 1400 board to our…


Hackster.io (@Hacksterio) 1 day ago

Arduino introduces a SIM to help you connect to the IoT Cloud:


Eurotech (@EurotechFan) 6 days ago

Meet us at Eclipse Day and learn more about our ecosystem of partners and the projects we contribu…


Arduino (@arduino) 2 days ago

See what's new on the Arduino IoT Cloud:


u-blox (@ublox) 4 days ago

What every IoT engineer needs to know about navigation: , dead reckoning, , -Fi, and .…


Hackster.io (@Hacksterio) 7 days ago

Remotely control your home electronics from using a PIC-IoT WG and Relay Click B…


Arduino (@arduino) 5 days ago

If you're developing IoT solutions, you won't want to miss 's upcoming webinar with ! Learn…


NXP (@NXP) 2 days ago

How are high-performance platforms transforming ecosystems, from to auto? Silicon Va…


Eurotech (@EurotechFan) 4 days ago

Our experts are waiting for you at - booth 1704: learn more about projects with our li…


Pycom (@pycomIOT) 21 hours ago

Pycom Workshop BERLIN. Monday 27 May. Bring your projects to life with a multi-network,…


wolfSSL Embedded SSL (@wolfSSL) 5 days ago

Embedded experts talk: Secure firmware updates for the IoT


STMicroelectronics (@ST_World) 7 days ago

To all developers in Finland! Come to our hands-on workshop and learn how to develop an IoT tracker with ST ecosys…


Nordic Semiconductor (@NordicTweets) 4 days ago

Check out this on "How Low Energy Is Made for " by , Founder of


Arm Embedded (@ArmEmbedded) 5 days ago

Find out how is making it easier for embedded developers to build applications with preconfigured example…


STMicroelectronics (@ST_World) 6 days ago

Push your innovation even further at the 11th , the world-leading competition for IoT and wearable tech, w…


Hackster.io (@Hacksterio) 2 days ago

Checking out 's Magic IoT Sphere demo. Shake the Nano 33 IoT-powered ball for a treat! 🎱


CypressSemiconductor (@CypressSemi) 5 days ago

Looking for advice on which solution is best for your design? Product Marketing Engineer Matthew Sa…


Telit IoT (@telit) 3 days ago

With Vodafone’s NB-IoT certification of the ME910C1-E2, Telit is once again enabling a wide range of new IoT device…


Pycom (@pycomIOT) 7 days ago

BERLIN, BERLIN! Monday 27 May. Join the train and bring your IoT projects to life with a connected FiPy K…


STMicroelectronics (@ST_World) 3 days ago

RT : Discover the new .SensorTile.box at booth 401


SIGLENT TECHNOLOGIES (@Siglent_Tech) 4 days ago

Measuring RF? Radio? IoT? Failing EMC tests? A spectrum analyzer may help:


Telit IoT (@telit) 7 days ago

Proud to offer our expertise at the to help create more secure future for our communities. Thank y…


Particle (@particle) 5 days ago

"We make it easy for our customers to build and deploy products that solve real problems and create real value…


Telit IoT (@telit) 3 days ago

Before you adopt new devices for use on , make sure you ask these key questions. Read more:…


NXP (@NXP) 7 days ago

From , , and more – the is an everyday reality. Don’t miss to join our…


Particle (@particle) 4 days ago

Fast-tracking your developments using & !


Silicon Labs (@siliconlabs) 4 days ago

With all of the protocols available, it can be challenging to remember the differences. lays out wh…


wolfSSL Embedded SSL (@wolfSSL) 7 days ago

It's Monday and another big vendor has standardized on ☀️


Nordic Semiconductor (@NordicTweets) 6 days ago

system developing firm Roygard antenna alignment solution using our to monitor installation of antenn…


Microchip Makes (@MicrochipMakes) 7 days ago

Use 's new PIC-IoT WG and a Relay Click Board to remotely control home electronics from the…


Particle (@particle) 2 days ago

Learn how 's Danielle Chen is using to elevate her connected toys:…


hackaday (@hackaday) 5 days ago

Join us at 🚨5pm PDT🚨 today in the for a talk about for agricultural


Gemalto IoT (@GemaltoIoT) 4 days ago

Three of the best ideas from the IoT Innovation World Cup® Series 2019 via


u-blox (@ublox) 5 days ago

Our new white paper on Energy Harvesting discuss the design and use of a cellular IoT application circuit that is p…


Hackster News (@HacksterNews) 12 hours ago

Use Arduino's new SIM to send data into the Arduino IoT Cloud:


Maxim Integrated (@maximintegrated) 7 days ago

Compact devices demand a lot from their tiny batteries. Read this new white paper to find out how fuel-gauging…


Mentor Graphics ® (@mentor_graphics) 2 days ago

Learn to secure your ecosystem through considerable benefits by finding a balance between convenience and risk…


Electronic Design (@ElectronicDesgn) 5 days ago

A Different Way to Deliver Advanced IoT Applications


hackaday (@hackaday) 6 days ago

Join us Wednesday at 5:00 PM Pacific time for the IoT and Agriculture Hack Chat with Akiba! Note the different time…


TeamViewer (@TeamViewer) 4 days ago

IoT-solution of and brings machines into the team!


by PINE64 inc.
PINE A64 is not only a computer, it is a super affordable 64-bit high performance expandable single board computer (SBC). Whether you are an IT professional, electronics hobbyist, student, teacher, hacker, inventor, or just someone who wants to have more flexibility to increase their productivity at work, the PINE A64 is a computer board made for everyone. Enjoy more fun and entertainment at home with endless possibilities.
Creator Ci40: The ultimate IoT-in-a-box dev kit
by Imagination Technologies
A complete IoT kit that includes all the hardware, software, and cloud infrastructure needed to quickly build a wireless IoT system.
Tiny Programmable BLE Sensors that won't break your budget!
by MbientLab Inc.
MetaWear is a highly integrated Bluetooth Sensor module that can power solutions the size of a button and runs on a Coin cell battery.
IOTTLY - The first IoT Open Source Distro for Makers
by TomorrowData
IOTTLY + Arduino / Raspberry Pi / Udoo (and more) = run your board via Internet as easy as pie
TESPA - IoT Development Platform
by Sharnon Tulabadi
TESPA is a complete IoT development platform help you to create IoT solution within a few minutes.
A Bluetooth Arduino for the mobile age: LightBlue Bean+
by Punch Through
The LightBlue Bean+ is an Arduino-compatible board that is programmed wirelessly using Bluetooth Low Energy.
NodeIT: The worlds smallest and expandable IoT system
by Pontus Oldberg
A super cool, super small, Lego like building block system for building really awesome connected devices.
The WiPy: The Internet of Things Taken to the Next Level
The IoT development platform that runs Python in real time, and features the perfect blend of power, friendliness and flexibility.
Onion Omega: Build Hardware with JavaScript, Python, PHP
Tiny dev board with Linux & WiFi. Create cool things with REST APIs, App Store, in-depth tutorials, and our awesome community!
MicroNFCBoard - Easy NFC for the Internet of Things
by Donatien Garnier
The world's first integrated and open-source solution to use NFC in Python and create autonomous NFC devices with an ARM micro!