The Internet of Things (or IoT) has become over the last few years the #1 buzzword in the embedded and electronics world. Here we aggregate for you some recent and popular #IoT tweets, videos, reddit posts, crowdfunded projects and whitepapers .

Hackster.io (@Hacksterio) 6 days ago

Last week's webinar introduced the concept of a 'machine wallet.' presented a cool IoT co…


Arduino (@arduino) 4 days ago

This Nano 33 IoT device measures EC, pH, ORP, and temperature, then sends readings to a webpage via BLE:…


Microchip Makes (@MicrochipMakes) 3 days ago

You can now program your Nano 33 IoT (and other SAM D21-based boards) in Go with . Learn more a…


Semtech Corporation (@SemtechCorp) 5 days ago

NEW: In this new article from Semtech's Marc Pegulu, Marc evaluates the advantages of for connectivity a…


Semtech Corporation (@SemtechCorp) 6 days ago

Using sensors equipped with or Galileo receivers for smarter cattle tracking. Watch the video to…


MicrochipTech (@MicrochipTech) 2 days ago

If you missed our “Exploring the Code Behind IoT Development Boards” Livestream event this week, you still have a c…


Hackster News (@HacksterNews) 5 days ago

.@makerdiary releases Pitaya Go IoT dev board with ' nRF52840 SoC:


Analog Devices, Inc. (@ADI_News) 3 days ago

Yesterday introduced its Thingy:91 rapid prototyping platform for cellular . It uses ADI's ADXL37…


Pycom (@pycomIOT) 21 hours ago

IoT Workshop: From Idea to Connected Product in 1 day. Get a dev kit and learn MicroPython with LPWAN ,…


u-blox (@ublox) 15 hours ago

What are the promises of eHealth IoT and how can it protect your business and secure your data? Our webinar covers…


Microchip Makes (@MicrochipMakes) 5 days ago

HomeBear.Tilt is a Windows 10 IoT Core UWP app that can follow your face using 's Pan Tilt HAT:…


Telit IoT (@telit) 2 days ago

Advanced enabled metering infrastructure is within reach for .


Particle (@particle) 4 days ago

Want to innovate in but feeling lost? Particle’s General Manager, Dan Jamieson, has you covered. Here are 4…


MicrochipTech (@MicrochipTech) 5 days ago

Don’t miss out on your chance to dive into the libraries and task scheduling that make the PIC-IoT WG and AVR-IoT W…


Nordic Semiconductor (@NordicTweets) 3 days ago

system developing firm Roygard antenna alignment solution using our to monitor installation of antenn…


Particle (@particle) 1 day ago

Could hold the biggest opportunity to impact our planet and humans?


Particle (@particle) 6 days ago

Discover how won $1M for building a one-of-kind network in Denver schools. 🚀


Semtech Corporation (@SemtechCorp) 3 days ago

Meet with Semtech at the upcoming & Wireless Tomorrow conference in Darmstadt, Germany, taking place Oct…


Telit IoT (@telit) 6 days ago

applications are already gaining big benefits due to cellular technology. Wigersma & Sikkema cho…


Telit IoT (@telit) 2 days ago

Enabled by technologies, drones offer significant advantages, particularly in disaster relief and crime interv…


MikroElektronika (@mikroel) 6 days ago

Smart Home PIC32MZ Click Kit for AWS provides an AWS IoT development experience based entirely on the Mikroe Flip&C…


Nordic Semiconductor (@NordicTweets) 4 days ago

We need a savvy Product Manager that can help bridge the gap from devices to , maneuver the various clou…


MicrochipTech (@MicrochipTech) 5 days ago

We’re exploring the code behind some of our new IoT development boards right now! Join the livestream here:…


Microchip Makes (@MicrochipMakes) 6 days ago

HomeBear.Tilt is a Windows 10 IoT Core UWP app that works well with 's Pan-Tilt HAT:…


Silicon Labs (@siliconlabs) 4 days ago

Prepare yourself for deployment by understanding the nature and risks. Check out 's 3 things to know…


ON Semiconductor (@onsemi) 5 days ago

Learn how is contributing to technology through the and that are able to provide d…


Arm Embedded (@ArmEmbedded) 5 days ago

, , , and data center needs are rapidly evolving. With the ending of and one-size-fits-all,…


CypressSemiconductor (@CypressSemi) 6 days ago

Check out the mesh-merizing winning projects of our “Make with Mesh: 5 Design Contest” with…


Pycom (@pycomIOT) 6 days ago

Glad that people are having fun with our products! Keep that love of learning going! with


ON Semiconductor (@onsemi) 4 days ago

Have you read about our configurable, end-to-end, rapid prototyping platforms for the ? These platforms enable…


Digi International (@digidotcom) 4 days ago

IoT: The "Highway" for AI Applications - IMC webinar this morning at 11 Eastern. Digi VP of Product…


ON Semiconductor (@onsemi) 1 day ago

Attend an upcoming Technology Seminar Series at one of our 11 locations to learn about vision , connected light…


Hackster.io (@Hacksterio) 2 days ago

Which board is right for your next IoT project?


Silicon Labs (@siliconlabs) 3 days ago

The platform built a platform with a seamless solution that monitors apartment unit systems, inclu…


Kontron (@Kontron) 4 days ago

IoT & Industry 4.0 – bringing it all together! Read our latest guest article by Petra Adamik on our blog and get a…


Electric Imp (@electricimp) 3 days ago

The fastest way to prototype your cellular IoT solution is with the impCellular breakout board. Includes pre-provis…


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Tiny Programmable BLE Sensors that won't break your budget!
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A Bluetooth Arduino for the mobile age: LightBlue Bean+
by Punch Through
The LightBlue Bean+ is an Arduino-compatible board that is programmed wirelessly using Bluetooth Low Energy.
NodeIT: The worlds smallest and expandable IoT system
by Pontus Oldberg
A super cool, super small, Lego like building block system for building really awesome connected devices.
The WiPy: The Internet of Things Taken to the Next Level
The IoT development platform that runs Python in real time, and features the perfect blend of power, friendliness and flexibility.
Onion Omega: Build Hardware with JavaScript, Python, PHP
Tiny dev board with Linux & WiFi. Create cool things with REST APIs, App Store, in-depth tutorials, and our awesome community!
MicroNFCBoard - Easy NFC for the Internet of Things
by Donatien Garnier
The world's first integrated and open-source solution to use NFC in Python and create autonomous NFC devices with an ARM micro!