Booth/Stand: 3A-533

Cedalo AG

We are empowering everyone, also non-programmers, to create and orchestrate data streams and microservices on the edge and in the cloud.

Our Streamsheets are fully connected, server-based spreadsheets that connect anything from sensors and machines to apps and websites. Thanks to the familiar UI, anyone can build digital solutions for simple as well as complex use cases 100% code-free.

Booth/Stand: 4A-148

Cypress Semiconductor Corp.

Cypress will be demonstrating its connectivity, computing and storage solutions for the automotive, industrial and consumer markets. They company will highlight its IoT portfolio, including its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo solutions that deliver leading coexistence for a best-in-class user experience and its ultra-low-power PSoC 6 MCUs with built-in security.

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Booth/Stand: 3-629

Digi International GmbH

Digi offers RF and cellular embedded modules, SoMs and SBCs to support your development requirements. Whether your concern is range, power, programmability, certification, security, or software tools, we have you covered.

Find us in Hall 3/3-629 for IoT product demonstrations, including XBee® Cellular and ConnectCore® 8X. Our presentation, "Where the Cloud Meets the Edge," is Wednesday at 11:30 a.m.

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Booth/Stand: 4-478

Electric Imp

From prototype through end-of-life, the commercial-grade Electric Imp IoT Connectivity Platform securely connects existing and new products to the cloud, enabling edge-to-cloud intelligence to efficiently build, deploy, and continuously manage data from millions of diverse IoT products. Integrated with popular cloud ecosystems, the platform reduces risk, time-to-market and total cost-of-ownership-- all while providing certified security via UL 2900-2-2.

Booth/Stand: 3-455

EM Microelectronic-Marin S.A.

EM Microelectronic is a semiconductor manufacturer specialized in the design and production of ultra-low power, integrated circuits for battery- and field-powered applications in various markets. Our product portfolio encompasses for different markets and use cases like Internet of Things, industrial, consumer, automotive and many more applications.

Booth/Stand: 3A-517

EPIC Semiconductors, Inc.

EPIC's micro SoC AI Chip is a Battery-free, Energy Harvesting Sensor with Integrated Pre-Quantum Superposition Processor and Artificial Intelligence that Wirelessly and bi-directionally Communicates with the cloud.

Our AI chip senses human action (like presence, gesture, and touch), physical forces (temperature, pressure, vibration, humidity, etc.), chemical reaction and even vital signs of any living organisms.

Booth/Stand: 3-131


We will exhibit our new range of products : the EG-IoT Autonomous Trackers. These products work in harsh environment and can be used in many applications: geolocation, alerts, predictive maintenance, remote control, secure access, etc.

They are the first products certified by Orange on its LTE Cat-M1 network. They also can work with : NB-IoT, Sigfox, LoRa

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Booth/Stand: 4-104

EUROS Embedded Systems GmbH

EUROS Embedded Systems GmbH is a pioneering provider of real-time operating systems (RTOS), IoT solutions, protocol stacks, middleware and development systems for embedded applications. Our highlight of the show this year is a Domain Specific Modeling-based SDK for the automatic generation of control logic code, client applications and drivers connected over various interfaces.

Booth/Stand: 3-529

Eurotech S.p.A.

Eurotech is a global company that designs, creates and delivers rugged embedded boards and modules, edge computers and full IoT solutions to leading systems integrators and enterprises. With Eurotech solutions in place, clients have access to the latest open IoT plaforms, Multi-service IoT Edge Gateways and sophisticated sensors to bring actionable data from the field into business operations.

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Booth/Stand: 3-438

Gemalto SA

Gemalto will showcase this year our all-in-one offer with its Connecting IoT devices: modules, terminals or modem cards and its IoT device lifecycle management.
The off-the-shelf toolbox simplifies the IoT journey, addressing all the key elements of cellular-based applications:
> Reliable & optimized device connectivity
> Remote, instant, widespread fleet software maintenance (FOTA updates)
> Device scalability and secure data

Booth/Stand: 4-318

HCC Embedded Kft.

HCC storage software ensures that NAND, NOR or SSD always works reliably and predictably. HCC’s TCP/IPv4 and IPv6 code is supplied with a detailed static analysis report. Critical software modules include Encryption, TLS, IPsec and IKE, SNMP, MQTT and HTTPS. Use your favorite RTOS, but opt for premium middleware for a more robust system.

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Booth/Stand: 3-633


Insight SiP is the leading provider of Low Power Networking and Ranging modules for Advanced IoT solutions.
Our "Ready to Go" RF modules offer you the fast, low risk way to deploy your IOT infrastructure, with fully CE, FCC, IC, TELEC and BT SIG certified solutions.

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Booth/Stand: 4-422


This year we're highlighting customer stories around the Connected Factory supported by OPC-UA, Smart Products like a smart cable, Energy Management, Predictive Maintenance and many more. Also very cool is going to be Azure Sphere, our three-fold offering (MCU, OS, Cloud service) to get MCU based devices getting securely connected to the cloud.

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Booth/Stand: 3-211


NeoCortec offers some of the world's smallest radio modules for wireless ad hoc mesh networking. Together with the patented NeoMesh communication protocol they enable the design of battery powered sensor networks focusing on reliability, ultra-low power consumption and ease-of-use. The NeoMesh self governing nodes form networks autonomously, allowing for extreme scalability, node mobility and long lasting, hassle-free operations.

Booth/Stand: 4A-313

NewAE Technology Inc.

NewAE will have the ChipWhisperer line of products on demo as well as the new EMFI ChipSHOUTER tool. Founder Dr. Colin O'Flynn will be speaking on the 27th from 10:30-11 (, as well as running a hands-on workshop on the 28th from 1:30-4:30 ( using the ChipWhisperer-Nano! #ew19 #ChipWhisperer

Booth/Stand: 4A-310

Nordic Semiconductor

Come at #ew19 and see how our wireless #Bluetooth, #Zigbee, #Thread and #cellularIoT tech is changing how the world works!

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Booth/Stand: 4A-220

NXP Semiconductors Germany GmbH

Experience our scalable portfolio supporting the integration of local or cloud based digital assistants - as well as edge computing solutions − for face recognition and vision. See how NXP and its partners make smart retail a reality and predictive maintenance accessible for all brownfield industrial devices. Discover how NXP is helping shape the next generation of transportation.

Booth/Stand: 3-632


Meet the only all-in-one IoT platform on the market! Everything you need to power your IoT product, from device to cloud.

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Booth/Stand: 3A-533


Join us for a look at our multi-network IoT hardware platform including the 5-network ESP32-based FiPy and the PyGo consumer wearable devices...all MicroPython programmable.

FREE Giveaway: Surprises :-)

Booth/Stand: 4A-330

Qualcomm Technologies Inc.

Qualcomm invents breakthrough technologies that transform how the world connects, computes and communicates. Our inventions are the foundation for life-changing products, experiences, and industries. Join us in Hall 4A / 4A-330 at Embedded World 2019 and see our range of solutions for the fast-growing IoT space.

Booth/Stand: 3A-501

QuickLogic Corporation

QuickLogic develops ultra-low power, multi-core semiconductor platforms for AI, voice & sensor processing. The full range of platforms, software tools and eFPGA IP enables the practical and efficient adoption of AI, voice and sensor processing across the multitude of mobile, wearable, hearable, consumer, industrial, edge and endpoint IoT applications. For more information, visit

Booth/Stand: 3-536

RadioControlli SRL

Wide range of IoT modules and standard radio modules ASK/FSK .
These modules are already certified, and ready to be used in your projects, some examples of IoT modules :

RC-CC1310-868 ------> CC1310 Texas Instruments based
RC-SM1276-868 ------> SX1276 Lora Semtech Based
RC-S2LP-868 ------> S2-LP STMicroelectronics based
RC-CC1352R-868-----> CC1352R Texas Instruments based
RC-CC2640-B ------> CC2640 Bluetooth Texas Instrumens based

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Booth/Stand: 4-471

RTI Real-Time Innovations

The newest product version of RTI's connectivity software, Connext 6, is specifically designed for highly autonomous systems with large volumes of data, such as autonomous cars and Healthcare systems. Connext 6 allows system architects to address key technical challenges, including effective management of high-bandwidth sensor data, simple integration with standardized interfaces, and optimized security (safety-critical systems).

Booth/Stand: 4A-104

Secure Thingz Ltd.

Secure Thingz is demonstrating how its makes best-in-class security solutions for IoT devices easier to implement.
Embedded Trust is a security development environment, which simplifies the configuration of security and leverages the secure hardware created by leading silicon providers. Secure Thingz is working with IAR Systems to streamline security implementation by making it part of a developer’s existing workflow.

Booth/Stand: 3A-605

Secure-IC SAS

Secure-IC, a French innovative SME with a strong international presence is boosted by its PESC strategy (Protect, Evaluate, Service & Certify). With its unique strategy on the market, Secure-IC supports its customers from awareness on security to certification.
The PESC strategy uses complementarities. Protect with a rich IP portfolio for security of embedded systems, Evaluate with an end-to-end security

Booth/Stand: 4-667

Seeed Technology Co., Ltd.

Whether you are a developer, technical supplier, or industry player, we provide products and services for your IoT needs. We provide an online store, prototyping service, IoT solution, agile manufacture.
Seeed will show the whole product family including more than 25 All-New products and an ultra-low-power, wide-area network solution, with API cloud service for agriculture and industrial environments.

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Booth/Stand: 3-749

Semtech Corporation

LoRa and NB-IoT Demo. IoT is all about solving real world problems and using the right technology. Semtech will be demonstrating the key benefits of LoRa technology connectivity. LoRa Smart Home Building Demo. Facility managers look for methods to optimize workspace, improve employee productivity and environmental controlling. Semtech will showcase how LoRa technology delivers ROI for smart buildings.

Booth/Stand: 4A-128

Silicon Labs

Silicon Labs is the leader in silicon, software, and solutions for a smarter, more connected world. Visit booth 4A, 128 to see hands-on demonstrations highlighting easy-to-deploy Bluetooth mesh and Bluetooth 5 solutions, device-to-cloud connectivity with low-power Wi-Fi, Zigbee home automation and control, and next-generation Z-Wave 700 smart home solutions. Drop-in each hour for 20 minute sessions on IoT trends.

Booth/Stand: 4-159

TeamViewer GmbH

Learn more about TeamViewer IoT and play around with our awesome demos on-site. Remotely drive a race car which is over 3000 kilometers away, monitor our office coffee machine or check out our all-connected industrial water pump. Or come check out our TeamViewer IoT Starter Kit and build your own end-to-end IoT solution! We are looking forward to meeting you!

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Booth/Stand: 3-249

Tecnofingers S.L. is a wonderful full modular system for building hardware devices which gives you the flexibility to design, develop and even bring to mass-production every kind of electronic device, from a small prototype to a flagship product. It was engineered to remove the uncertainties of electronic device development. No complex routing, just simple pieces that are compatible throughout the system.

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Booth/Stand: 3-539


Telit is a global leader in IoT enablement, empowering hundreds of millions of connected ‘things’ to date. With nearly two decades of IoT innovation experience, Telit continues to redefine the boundaries of digital business, by delivering secure, integrated end-to-end IoT solutions for many of the world’s largest brands, including enterprises, OEMs, system integrators and service providers across all industries.

Booth/Stand: 3-139

u-blox AG

Come to our booth 3-139 to see demos of how u-blox connects the world:
• Effective timing solutions over cellular networks
• How small can a gateway be...?

And take a deep dive into the world of u-blox F9 - delivering GNSS accuracy down to the centimeter-level!

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Booth/Stand: 4-360


At Embedded World, Wibu-Systems unveils all of the new core features introduced in CodeMeter, its flagship technology for secure license lifecycle management, from UWF support to TMR license servers. The lecture 'Security and Licensing for IoT Devices' explores the integration of Intel SGX. Visit our partner booths with OSADL, SD Association, Trusted Computing Group, and Wind River for more demos.

Booth/Stand: 3-745


Wirepas Mesh enables wireless IoT networking at massive scale. It is a de-centralized IoT network protocol that can be used to connect, locate and identify lights, sensors, beacons, assets, machines and meters in cities, buildings, industry, logistics and energy – with unprecedented scale, density, flexibility and reliability. Come and check out our demo!

Booth/Stand: 3A-533

Wisebatt SAS

Wisebatt is a unique simulation tool for engineers developing IoT devices. They can build virtual prototypes and collaborate to make the optimal choice between cost, battery life and performance, very early in the design cycle. Within minutes, engineers access complex modeling results that would usually take weeks. Our first customers could save 3 months and up to 200k€ in R&D.

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Booth/Stand: 4-421

wolfSSL Inc.

wolfSSL is an open source TLS library. wolfSSL’s products offer optimal performance, rapid integration and leverage hardware crypto. wolfSSL is the best tested crypto, the #1 TLS in IoT and the first embedded TLS 1.3 platform with TPM 2.0, MQTT, FIPS 140 certification, hardware crypto acceleration and secure enclave support. All products are backed by 24x7 support.

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Booth/Stand: 4-170

Zephyr Project c/o The Linux Foundation

Zephyr Project supports a rapidly growing and vibrant open source ecosystem around a full-featured RTOS. ZephyrOS empowers developers creating smart and connected products with constrained (footprint, power, etc. ) environments. See products powered by ZephyrOS, watch demos of new bluetooth mesh & LE technologies, meet the industry experts creating the OS and learn about plans for security and safety certifications.

FREE Giveaway: Free coffee is available. PHYTEC Reel board for Zephyr developers with commits accepted in github.