Booth/Stand: 4-478

Electric Imp

From prototype through end-of-life, the commercial-grade Electric Imp IoT Connectivity Platform securely connects existing and new products to the cloud, enabling edge-to-cloud intelligence to efficiently build, deploy, and continuously manage data from millions of diverse IoT products. Integrated with popular cloud ecosystems, the platform reduces risk, time-to-market and total cost-of-ownership-- all while providing certified security via UL 2900-2-2.

Booth/Stand: 3-438

Gemalto SA

Gemalto will showcase this year our all-in-one offer with its Connecting IoT devices: modules, terminals or modem cards and its IoT device lifecycle management.
The off-the-shelf toolbox simplifies the IoT journey, addressing all the key elements of cellular-based applications:
> Reliable & optimized device connectivity
> Remote, instant, widespread fleet software maintenance (FOTA updates)
> Device scalability and secure data

Booth/Stand: 4-422


This year we're highlighting customer stories around the Connected Factory supported by OPC-UA, Smart Products like a smart cable, Energy Management, Predictive Maintenance and many more. Also very cool is going to be Azure Sphere, our three-fold offering (MCU, OS, Cloud service) to get MCU based devices getting securely connected to the cloud.

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Booth/Stand: 4A-313

NewAE Technology Inc.

NewAE will have the ChipWhisperer line of products on demo as well as the new EMFI ChipSHOUTER tool. Founder Dr. Colin O'Flynn will be speaking on the 27th from 10:30-11 (, as well as running a hands-on workshop on the 28th from 1:30-4:30 ( using the ChipWhisperer-Nano! #ew19 #ChipWhisperer

Booth/Stand: 4A-104

Secure Thingz Ltd.

Secure Thingz is demonstrating how its makes best-in-class security solutions for IoT devices easier to implement.
Embedded Trust is a security development environment, which simplifies the configuration of security and leverages the secure hardware created by leading silicon providers. Secure Thingz is working with IAR Systems to streamline security implementation by making it part of a developer’s existing workflow.

Booth/Stand: 3A-605

Secure-IC SAS

Secure-IC, a French innovative SME with a strong international presence is boosted by its PESC strategy (Protect, Evaluate, Service & Certify). With its unique strategy on the market, Secure-IC supports its customers from awareness on security to certification.
The PESC strategy uses complementarities. Protect with a rich IP portfolio for security of embedded systems, Evaluate with an end-to-end security

Booth/Stand: 4-360


At Embedded World, Wibu-Systems unveils all of the new core features introduced in CodeMeter, its flagship technology for secure license lifecycle management, from UWF support to TMR license servers. The lecture 'Security and Licensing for IoT Devices' explores the integration of Intel SGX. Visit our partner booths with OSADL, SD Association, Trusted Computing Group, and Wind River for more demos.

Booth/Stand: 4-421

wolfSSL Inc.

wolfSSL is an open source TLS library. wolfSSL’s products offer optimal performance, rapid integration and leverage hardware crypto. wolfSSL is the best tested crypto, the #1 TLS in IoT and the first embedded TLS 1.3 platform with TPM 2.0, MQTT, FIPS 140 certification, hardware crypto acceleration and secure enclave support. All products are backed by 24x7 support.

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