Booth/Stand: 4-107


Ashling, a world-leading expert in embedded development tools, is now launching a new Tools-as-a-Service (TaaS™) concept.
Whether you are designing with ARM, ARC, PowerPC, Security Controllers or RISC-V cores, this is relevant for you.
To discuss how TaaS™ can enhance your toolchain, come and meet us at Stand 4-107 at the upcoming Embedded World exhibition in Nürnberg.

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Booth/Stand: 4-305

Percepio AB

Percepio is the developer of highly visual runtime diagnostics tools for embedded RTOS and Linux based software. This year we'll be showing Percepio Device Firmware Monitor (DFM) for IoT devices, the latest improvements in Tracealyzer, as well as the recently released Tracealyzer for OpenVX - Synopsys EV6x embedded vision processors.

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Booth/Stand: 4-310


PLS is the expert for debugging, trace and test of embedded systems. PLS presents the new Universal Debug Engine 5.0 (UDE), coming with a wide range of new and enhanced functions for professional development. And these are the highlights: Real multicore debugging and trace, debugging of virtualized applications and hypervisor awareness as well as synchronous multi-target debugging for AURIX.

Booth/Stand: 4-238

SEGGER Microcontroller GmbH

SEGGER will introduce its concept of Secure Lifecycle-Management at the Embedded World. Customers will receive information about its various stages: development, production and in-the-field. Elements of the process include developing the firmware, securing the firmware and updates. This complex topic will be covered by the application of high quality tools such as J-Link/J-Trace, Flasher, emLoad, emSecure and emCrypt.

Booth/Stand: 4-127

Tag-Connect, LLC

Tag-Connect's Plug-of-Nails™ Cables eliminate all of the cost, all of the height and most of the space of the traditional JTAG / Test connector. One of our cables replaces hundreds of thousands of connectors!

See our amazing Edge-Connect™ that goes even further by connecting to the literal edge of the PCB.

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