Booth/Stand: 3-455

EM Microelectronic-Marin S.A.

EM Microelectronic is a semiconductor manufacturer specialized in the design and production of ultra-low power, integrated circuits for battery- and field-powered applications in various markets. Our product portfolio encompasses for different markets and use cases like Internet of Things, industrial, consumer, automotive and many more applications.

Booth/Stand: 3-131


We will exhibit our new range of products : the EG-IoT Autonomous Trackers. These products work in harsh environment and can be used in many applications: geolocation, alerts, predictive maintenance, remote control, secure access, etc.

They are the first products certified by Orange on its LTE Cat-M1 network. They also can work with : NB-IoT, Sigfox, LoRa

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Booth/Stand: 3A-634

MPS Monolithic Power Systems Inc.

“See demos of our latest devices including a complete digital power solution for Intel’s IMVP8 generation platform, high efficiency DCDC convertor solutions for fast charge USB-PD power delivery, and a solution for scalable automotive power supplies. We will also introduce our new isolated Hall current sensors for 5 to 50A applications in a demo using the MP6600 stepper motor driver.“

Booth/Stand: 3A-215

ROHM Semiconductor GmbH

This year we will showcase new solutions for power management and sensor technologies in the automotive and industrial sectors. Highlights include ultra-low power management ICs for battery applications, timing controller ICs for automotive applications, sensor solutions for machine health monitoring, power semiconductors and much more.

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Booth/Stand: 4-648

Tekscan, Inc.

This year at Embedded World, Tekscan sales engineers will show you a force-sensitive demo device containing thin, flexible, minimally invasive force sensors (FlexiForce™).Thanks to unique form factors and low-power requirements, FlexiForce sensors are ideal for embedding into portable, lightweight, force-sensitive IoT devices.

Booth/Stand: 3A-533

Toposens GmbH

As a demo, Toposens presents an optimized SMART SPEAKER that intelligently detects the location of people in its surroundings. Light signals display the direction of the detected people and colour differences provide information about the distance.
The speaker gives a glimpse into how 3D ultrasound sensors perceive their enironment.

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