Booth/Stand: 4-149

AdaCore SAS

AdaCore provides development & verification tools that guarantee that software responds to the highest levels of security and safety.

Products include the GNAT Pro Ada, C and C++ development environments, the CWE-compatible CodePeer static analyzer for Ada, the CWE-compatible SPARK Pro formal verification environment, and the QGen qualifiable code generator and debugger.

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Booth/Stand: 4-404

Intland Software GmbH

This year, we’re focusing on accelerating innovation and compliance in regulated development. Join us to understand how codeBeamer, the leading ALM in the automotive industry, makes it easier to adopt mature Agile/DevOps strategies. At our booth, we will also be showcasing Intland Retina eQMS, our new product designed for Document, Risk, and Audit management.

Booth/Stand: 4-509


LDRA, software quality experts for 40-plus years in functional safety, security, and standards compliance, will demonstrate its enhanced version of the LDRA tool suite for Automotive. Using the tool suite, embedded developers mitigate risk and manage cost of compliance by quickly understanding the requirements of the latest ISO 26262 functional safety standard depending on the ASIL required for their application.

Booth/Stand: 4-129

NCI Logic Analyzers

NCI's advanced Logic Analyzers, called GoLogic XL, offer fast Sampling Rates (up to 400 GHz), and deep Memory (up to 1 Billion Samples/Channel). The GoLogic XL is mixed signal capable when used with a DSO.The software includes Serial Bus Decoding (CAN, CANFD, LIN, SPI, I2C, I2S, and SPI), and Transitional Sampling. Probes: Flying Lead Sets, Mictor and PinPoint.

Booth/Stand: 4-378

Parasoft Deutschland GmbH

The Parasoft tool suite helps you create robust software while understanding risks and complying with functional safety requirements. Our tools can ensure that your software functions safely and securely, works in normal and abnormal conditions, and meets the most rigorous quality and safety standards. To make sure your device will work properly, deploy Parasoft C/C++test and Parasoft DTP.

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Booth/Stand: 4-138

QA Systems GmbH

QA Systems will be demonstrating our software testing tools for automated unit testing, code coverage, integration testing and static analysis. We will be showing the latest version of our Cantata unit and integration testing solution as well as new integrations with Lauterbach, Jenkins and SonarQube. Our tools are independently certified by SGS TüV for use at the highest integrity level.

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Booth/Stand: 4-434

Razorcat Development GmbH

Razorcat Development GmbH creates test tools for software development of embedded systems since 1997. The unit and integration test tool TESSY is certified to IEC 61508, IEC 62304, ISO 26262 EN 50128 and it already supports many software projects in all industrial branches worldwide. Razorcat offers solutions and services for all stages of the test process.

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Booth/Stand: 4-257

Red Pitaya d.d.

This year at EW we will be presenting our new product Red Pitaya STEMlab SDR, tailored for HF+50MHz SDR & RF applications that requires DAQ systems with higher precision. Visit our booth to see other cool demos of our existing products that can be used as a multifunction lab instruments. Visit our booth and win a free Red Pitaya!

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Booth/Stand: 4-131

Xebrium Inc.

Xebrium will showcase its versatile product XEB360 which is a test automation system for stress testing embedded hardware and software algorithms.

XEB360 is a generic automated testing multi-user framework comprising of hardware and software which allows generation and monitoring of signals and patterns.

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