Determining the index of a value in a struct

Started by MaxMaxfield 3 years ago9 replieslatest reply 3 years ago153 views
This is based on some questions I posed (and you all answered) before. Suppose I have declared NUM_SETTINGS to be equal to 3. Let's also assume I've defined FRED...

Formal Verification of Software

Started by MaxMaxfield 3 years ago10 replieslatest reply 3 years ago135 views
I'm just trying to get a feel for things here. I'm a hardware design engineer by trade. I'm familiar with the concepts of formal verification with regard to designing...

HardFault during erasing Flash in debug mode

Started by ayoubt 3 years ago4 replieslatest reply 3 years ago346 views
I've written a custom bootloader using C to run on ARM cortex_M4 but I had a HardFault exception when using the debug mode. This exception appears just in debug...

Interfacing MSP430 FRAUNCHPAD with MAX30102

Started by slow_breath 3 years ago2 replieslatest reply 3 years ago190 views
Hi all, I'm trying to interface the MAXIM MAX30102 with the MSP430FR5739 using I2C protocol. I'm using pull-up resistors (4.7 KOhm) on SDA and SCL lines, using...

Buffer size for SPI communication using MC20XS4200 in daisy chain configuration.

Started by semrade 3 years ago2 replieslatest reply 3 years ago101 views
Dear All Hello, I am using the MC20XS4200 to control 6 outputs motor and bulb loads. The PCB board contains 3 MC20XS4200, each MC20XS4200 has 2 channels. The MC20XS4200...

Variable Array Sizes when Instantiating?

Started by MaxMaxfield 3 years ago4 replieslatest reply 3 years ago138 views
As always, I'm really sorry to bug you with a simple question (simple to you, not to me) -- I'll try to make this the last one for a while. I'm using an Arduino...

Why CRC with EPROM?

Started by MaxMaxfield 3 years ago22 replieslatest reply 3 years ago774 views
On the one hand I feel guilty and embarrassed about asking all of my simplistic questions, but I always end up learning so much here.This relates to my previous...

Initializing a struct in a union (or not, as the case might be)

Started by MaxMaxfield 3 years ago21 replieslatest reply 3 years ago1033 views
I'm afraid I've reached the limit of what I can wrap my brain around with regards to initializing a union -- any help here will be very gratefully received.As you...

What is the use of left and right alignment in ADC registers?

Started by Aditya_Ubarhande 3 years ago14 replieslatest reply 3 years ago2919 views
Hi,I am using the STM32F4 Discovery Board. I was going through the ADC peripheral and I saw this:Right and Left alignment of 12-bit data. What is meant by this?I...

Another Noddy Question

Started by MaxMaxfield 3 years ago14 replieslatest reply 3 years ago152 views
Hi there -- sorry as always to bug you, but I have another noddy (beginner) question as follows:Suppose I want to have an array that looks something like the following...

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