Senior Firmware Engineer

Pillar TechnologiesNew York, United States

$135K - $150K + Equity

You are applying for Senior Firmware Engineer and will have responsibility for designing and implementing embedded microcontroller systems as part of an IoT sensor network. You will participate in defining the end-to-end architecture with a focus on designing and implementing the device firmware solution.

Activities include design, code, debug, test, and document real-time IoT sensor systems.

Required: 5+ years of relevant experience designing and shipping firmware for commercial/industrial products.


  • Deliver top quality firmware solutions for real-time, battery powered, embedded sensor solutions as part of an IoT framework
  • Assist in defining overall system architecture
  • Develop best practices engineering environment and processes including software development, debug environment, release process, documentation, source code management tools and methods
  • Develop testing and troubleshooting guidelines
  • Work with customers to understand their needs, converting their input into viable solutions
  • Work closely with board design engineers to create the optimal hardware/firmware solution
  • Ability and desire to mentor junior engineers


  • Experience using Agile methodologies including Sprint, Scrum, and Test Driven Development
  • Proficient in high-level structured programming languages (e.g., C)
  • Experience across a range of embedded platforms from deeply embedded (limited memory, no RTOS) to embedded RTOS.
  • Strong overall engineering background in microcontroller architecture, hardware design, firmware design, serial and wireless communications protocols (I2C, SPI, Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Bluetooth) and networking (ISO OSI model)
  • Attention to detail and a proven track record of taking projects from concept to completion in a compressed schedule environment
  • Experience with microcontrollers (STM32, ARM), configuration and programming to the register level
  • Experience working in a fast paced organization with the ability to balance multiple priorities and objectives
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Dedication and determination to get through challenging problems with great creativity
  • Expertise taking technical requirements from design sessions, creating prototypes and refining for mass production
  • Familiar with scripting languages (e.g., Python)
  • Proficient in Windows and Linux based firmware development
  • Strong ability to isolate and debug hardware/firmware problems to the component level using IDEs/debuggers (e.g., IAR Workbench, Eclipse, gdb), oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, schematics


  • Knowledge of real-time operating systems or other embedded real-time frameworks
  • Experience with low power wide area networks (LPWAN)


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How to Apply

Contact Alex at Pillar dot Tech

Contact Alex at Pillar dot Tech