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Testing - Elementary OS by


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Major telecommunications providers in the U.S. are set to heavily use small cell technology to roll out coverag…


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The DevOps Sweet Spot: Inserting Security at Pull Requests (Part 1) - by


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Telit deviceWISE is unique in how device, connectivity and data management integrate into one easy-to-use system th…


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Bravo features the Telit ME910C1-WW, based on the MDM9206 modem, designed for compact and power…


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Learn more about our Solutions today and how they can fulfill your design and solution needs in various appli…


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Thanks for likes! Please feel free to let us know what we can bring more to the community. We always carefully lis…


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technology is low power, inexpensive, reliable & ready for adoption in . Read more via…


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Velcro - what a rip-off!


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"If you want to penetrate into the heart of physics, then let yourself be initiated into the mysteries of poetry." ~Friedrich Von Schlegel


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Next Tuesday at 9 a.m. PDT is hosting a on fast-tracking Devices to Production with…


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It may surprise you, but even the industry will experience higher productivity, quality, and


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"We can't help it. Life looks for life." ~Carl Sagan


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Someone needs to go back to math class.