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Enter your vote today! A new poll has been created for the
lpc2100 group:

Which microcontroller in an existing or
planned design is most likely to be
replaced by a LPC2100-family member?
In other words the LPC2100-family is
the most dangerous predator to which
other family?
Multiple answers possible.
Thanks for sharing your point of view

o Other (larger) ARM devices
o Motorola Coldfire
o Motorola HC12
o Infineon C16x / ST 10
o Renesas H8S
o Microchip PIC18-family
o Atmel MegaAVR
o High end 8-bit (e.g. Cygnal) To vote, please visit the following web page:

Note: Please do not reply to this message. Poll votes are
not collected via email. To vote, you must go to the Yahoo! Groups
web site listed above.


An Engineer's Guide to the LPC2100 Series