Reply by Paul Tegler June 26, 20032003-06-26
So..can we onlky run one com3? My app needs com1 open to dnl
logged data. One pin is used as a com port to talk to an LCD display.
I still need a third comm port to read datas in from an external
devise I want to log. Can I do a com3 on two or more at a time?


Reply by Doug June 26, 20032003-06-26
You can't run more than one com3 at a time, but you can
switch between pins. I do this all the time. I have used
a BX24 to display a menu on LCD. The data arrives on
Com1 and goes out to Com3. But I have many other devies
attached too, like an IR decoder, GPS, sensors, etc. If
you design carefully, there is no reason why you can't
do it by switched the Com3 around to different pins.
Think about how much time is actually used to display
characters on the LCD. Not very much.

-- Doug