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I have recently finished developing two serial LCD kits which are
powerful and quite reasonably priced; $4.95 and $5.95.

These are kits, suitable for assembly on a solderless breadboard. The
kits do not include a PCB.

The LCD #106 Kit provides an interface between a Microchip PIC,
Parallax Stamp, BX24 or similar and an LCD having an HD44780
interface. $4.95 plus shipping.


* 9600 Baud TTL Interface - Non Inverted. For operation with a PC
or similar using RS232 levels a MAX232 or similar is required.
* 64 Byte Receive Buffer
* Programmable LCD Geometry (1X16, 1X20, 1X24, 2X16, 2X20, 2X24,
2X40, 4X16, 4X20) - saved in EEPROM.
* Eight User Defined Characters (saved in EEPROM).
* Programmable Tab Size (saved in EEPROM).
* Programmable Cursor Style (saved in EEPROM).
* Output for "beep" function. (The interfacing audible device is
not included with this kit).
* Rich Cursor Instruction Set including, clear LCD, clear current
line, cursor to defined line, cursor to defined column, cursor up,
down, back, foward, new line and "beep".
* Five addressable TTL level outputs (15 mA)

The kit includes;

* Programmed PIC Processor (18-pin DIP).
* 4.7K Resistor for Processor Reset Terminal
* 330 and 4.7K Resistor for biasing contrast on the interfacing LCD
* 5 Volt LED for testing.
* Lengths of 22 awg solid wire (four colors) suitable for use with
a solderless bredboard.
* Documentation.


I also have the LCD #107 Kit which provides variable LED backlight
intensity control for LCDs having LED backlighting. Otherwise, it is
the same as the LCD #106 Kit. The backlight setting is saved in
EEPROM. $5.95 plus shipping.

This kit includes a TIP41 transistor to control backlight LED current.


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Best wishes.

Peter H Anderson,