Reply by prakash nellore April 26, 20042004-04-26
Hi guys,
I am trying to do ADC on msp430 using 12bit on chip
As I am going through some of the sample code from TI
they are all interrupt based and I was wondering if
that is the best practice or should I do with out
using interrupt as I am going to take those values and
store them in an array and do some DSP with that and
my sampling rate would be 8192.
any toughts?



Beginning Microcontrollers with the MSP430

Reply by raghavendra bulusu January 28, 20032003-01-28

           I am looking for a DAC to interface with a MSP430F1232  which has a
10 bit A/D, 200ksps could anyone please tell me

1.what DAC should i opt ? should I interface it with it?




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