Reply by mwaddell2 May 18, 20042004-05-18
I am trying to interface a keypad to the LCD+. I am using the
example files or module files provided to use the LCD. I am having
no problem writing to the LCD, just reading the keypad. I seem to be
able to read the keypad as a port but not as just a serial input. I
am trying to use the LCDGetbyte command in the example code and also
I have tried to use the Lcdgetbytetimed. I have downloaded key tags
to all the keys and set the keycommand.

I am new to the basicx is there something I am missing? When I read
the keypad as a port I get a 255 value so I assume this is working.
I am going to hook a scope to the TX line on the LCD to see if it is
transmitting data. When I read it with the LCDgetbyte commands I
normally end up with a 0 on the lcdgetbyte and a 3 on the

I have made 4X4 keypad interfaces with a stamp and a 74hc595 and
74hc165 before. I asummed this would be easy going. So far I am
making it look very hard. Can anyone point me in the right direction?