Reply by Conrad A***** January 2, 20052005-01-02

Hey guys I finally have found some time to experiment with my LCD+
hooked up to my BX24. I just came up with a project that will enable
me to learn as much as possible about the LCD+ to BX24 interface. I
plan on making a security system for my garage with a keypad to enter
a passcode to disable the alarm and open the garage door, the LCD is
just showing the status of the alarm.

I went searching through the archives and I found a few tips and I now
can send text to the LCD and also get the #'s from the keypad onto the
screen as well. I was just wondering if anyone has any tips or sample
code to:

1. Have the BX24 Debug.Print which button was pressed on the keypad?
Just so I can diagnose any future problems if they should arise.

2. Have the BX24 compare a sequence of inputs from the keypad and
comparing it to a programmed combination and changing the state of a
variable? That way I can type a password, and if it's right it will
disable and likewise also enable the alarm when the system is being armed.

Those two things are the only thing I am having issues with right now,
and I can't seem to find anything in the archives addressing it.

Another side note when I program the BX24 and then press the keys on
the keypad I get a # displayed that corresponds to the keypad...but
when I shut the power off the to BX24 and restart it and use the
keypad again, I get an "*" that shows up. That's good for my password
entry...but I am not sure why it is doing that.

Any tips or advice would be awsome! If you want to email anything to
me you can at conradandres at hotmail dot com.