Reply by suyash September 18, 20062006-09-18
Hi all

I am working on Olimex E2294 board. I want clarification on the
following points.

1. How can I program my LPC 2294 chip with the other serial
(RS232)interface present on the board may be with UART1 of
LPC2294.(without involving FTDI USB to serial converter,assuming I
managed to give power to the board externally)

2. Is there any way by which I can use the connected S8900A in memory
mappped mode.(Though MEMRD & MEMWR signals are not active.) How can I
operate external memory and CS8900A at the same time.

I refered olimex's new board L2294 in that also, though it supports
16 bit operation and interrupts why it supports only IO mode. Is there
any specific requirement for CS890A to operte it in memory mode.

3.Is olimex coming up with the improved version of the same
board(Which will support CS8900A in 16 bit and in memory mode?).

Thanks in advance for any help. I would appreciate if olimex people
reply to this.


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