Reply by DigtialScholar May 23, 20052005-05-23
The AT43US380 can be integrated with the ATmega64. Atmel provides th
processor intdependant libraries in the object form and the referenc
integration for the ARM7 processors in source form.

Integration with other processors such as Atmega64 is user'
responsibility and Atmel provides an Integration guide to fecilitat
that. The integration is quite a simple process. Just need to map 
few I/O's and fill in certain stub routines/functions. There may b
some (very lillte) assembly code to be written as well

Let me know if it helps


Reply by trungnl April 26, 20052005-04-26
I am considering the embedded USB host solution using the Atmel'
AT43USB380 and ATmega64. AT43USB380 is capable of interfacing directly t
a 8 bit MC, and I think the ATmega64 is suitable. But I cannot find th
appropriate AT43USB380 firmware that can be integrated with the ATmega6
MC. In Atmel's website, I can only find the firmware specifically compile
for ARM7.
Plz help me solve this problem.
Thank you!

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