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I am trying to develop for a futurlec LPC2119 ARM ET Stamp (

It all works fine under Windows and the Codewarrior/Keil package.

I need to develop under Linux/Eclipse/Gnuarm (which I have all set up and working) but I don't have a sample gcc project for the LPC2119 on this particular board so I'm fighting with crt.s and the loader script. I've tried adapting James Lych's tutorial project for a 2106 but it's like drinking from a firehose as I'm new to LPC stuff!

Does anyone have a very simple "blinky leddy" type project they could let me have please or even just a sample loader script and crt.s specifically for this board; I cannot find anything on the net or in the files section here.

Thanks for any help.


An Engineer's Guide to the LPC2100 Series