Reply by Harry J. White June 26, 20032003-06-26
Thanks. I have DSL at the house and now may have to order a SitePlayer.

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We developed a mobile robot that has a BX-24 and a SitePlayer.
There is still a lot we intend to do with it, but here are the first
set of features.

The robot carries several sensors, including a shaft
encoder on each wheel of the differential drive. It also carries an
SMC wireless access point which connects up to an SMC wireless hub.

You build a web page similar to any other server. You can embed
variables defined within the SitePlayer, and updated by the BX-24. By
the same token, the SitePlayer can inform the BX when a command is
received over the web.

The upper half of the web page lists the robots X, Y location, and
heading. The lower half allows sending movement commands to the

So, we log onto the robot from any computer sharing the LAN with the
wireless hub. Multiple computers can log on simultaniously.

The SitePlayer provides a link as would a serial cable, but without a
physical connection. You can do the same thing with an RF link, but
for $80 for the access point, and $30 for the SitePlayer, we can
connect from anywhere on the LAN, and the system is expandable to
multiple robots.

Pretty slick for a $30 part.

Here is another use.

My daughter is in college. There is one washer and one dryer in her
dorm. She often sits in the laundry room doing homework, in queue for
the washer. I was reading a couple of months ago about a college who
put their washers and dryers on the web. The students from their
rooms can log on to see if the equipment is in use, where it is in the
cycle, and see the machine settings.

I know this has been talked about for years, but many homes now have
full time connections to the web. Imagine from work checking your
house temperature, whether the sump pump is working, if the freezer
has broken down, and the state of the security system.

The site player with no additional hardware can detect switch
closures. It can talk to any microcontroller, which gives it access
to a variety of sensors. It can host music and display jpegs (albiet
of limited size).

Netmedia has a SitePlayer Yahoo group, if you get interested.
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> still don't
> get what SitePlayer does, I mean I understand it provides some kind
> Internet presence but that's about it).


Reply by Tom Igoe September 11, 20002000-09-11
SitePlayre looks great, guys, I'm dying to get my hands on one.

One problem I see, though, if your press release is accurate: no
prices for quantities less than 100. I know I'd be buying in lots of
1-20, and I can think of many others I know who would do the same.
For teaching, for example, I might buy one or two of the dev kits,
and a couple dozen of the modules for students to work with. Will
there be provision for this kind of thing, or are you aiming entirely
at the large scale industrial market?
Tom Igoe