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Hi Sark,

The original post is quite old but if you're still around...Im attempting to use IAR with Olimex debugger. Can you please send me the information needed for setting up GDB?


I wanted to try IARs compiler to compare the output, and also because
>many examples I've found on the web are written for IAR (notably
>Olimex). Unfortunately, I'm not all that eager to purchased ANOTHER
>JTAG device when I already own an ARM-USB-OCD and an ARM-USB-TINY.
>I was on Olimex's website that you can apparently use the GDB Server
>option in IAR to make their debuggers work with IAR, but I'm not really
>sure how this is possible. Presumably, I need to install something
>like OpenOCD? Does anyone have any advice/experience getting the
>Olimex debuggers to play well with IAR? I couldn't find much via
>Google, though maybe it's just a problem of terms (IAR OpenOCD Olimex,

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