Reply by scott5342000 June 17, 20042004-06-17
I have an ICD 1 I would like to use on 16F88 & 16F7x7's. Anyone try
using an ICD 1 on any of those PIC's that are not supported on MPLab 5.7?

I was told that a CCS firmware load could enable it to download
programs, but I would like to be able to debug too. So I would like a
firmware upgrade, or a document that describes the communication
between MPLab and the ICD. And the source code for the ICD would be
nice too.

Doesn't take much to make me happy, does it? I suppose I'll have to
cough up $100 bucks for an Olimex ICD 2.

I see Atmel has a document describing the communication between their
AVR-Studio IDE and their JTAG-ICE ICD.

Anyone care to compare the two development environments, MPLab and AVR