Posted by ogarianoxman January 28, 2003
My problems with Shane Tolmie's bootloader v7-6.

i am using a PIC 16F877 at 4MHz. I have incorporated a MAX232 with
4.7uF capacitors.
to test that i have installed serial communication properly i loaded
up the program
"uart.bas" (from the software section of a "Programming in Pic Basic"
eBook). I then
used microcode studio (an editor specially designed for Pic Basic
editing, it also has
serial communication window). Then i programmed my chip and tested
the serial communication
by typing in "hi" and watching it reach the microcontroller and
reflect back to the
serial communication window (this is the purpose of the program). i
notice that this only
works when i select COM4.

so i believe that my hardware is working properly.

so i go ahead and load the pic loader file: "60419 - bootldr-v25-
into my programmer, a P16Pro. inside the picall software i do not
change the config
settings. i assume the hex file sets them properly.

i hit program, and then remove my chip from the programmer and insert
it into my
target application (which has the UART hardware ready as previously

then i run the program that comes with the pic loader, its
called "PICdownloader.exe"
version 1.08

i load up the test file: "_19040 - test_serial_19200baud_4Mhz.hex".
then i select 19200 baud
on COM4, there is a checkmark in the EEPROM box. when i hite "write"
it responds by "searching
for bootloader".

then i press RESET on my target application.

now i close the "Picdownloader.exe" by pressing the "X" in the top
right corner of
the window. i get a big errow window "unable to write to pic.ini".
(this file exists
in the pic downloader directory). when i hit "OK" to the error i now
notice that the
picdownloader says "cancled searching for bootloader"

now i open hyper terminal and set it to communicate "directly on
COM4", bits/sec = 19200,
data bits 8, parity = none, stop bits = 1, flow control = none. when
i press the "CONNECT"
button it seams to connect.. i see a "connected" and a timer
counting up in bottow left
corner of hyper terminal window. but NOTHING appears on the screen.
its just blank.

then i hit RESET again, but nothing happens. still blank.

any suggestions?