Reply by ahmsmith July 28, 20062006-07-28
Since this forum is for Freescale 68HC11, you probably need try the
8051 groups (8051_Microcontroller, 8051group) or
However, you may find this link helpfull:


Reply by chaitanyakid July 28, 20062006-07-28
Iam new to this proffession.I have some doublts to clearify.Plesase
kindly show patience to read this mail.
I want to interface 8051 family microcontrollers to flash memory
card.The microtroller which i wamt interface to flash memory card is
already interfaced to keypad and LCD display.I have done device driver
program for those.Now i want to interface flash memory card for
external memory excess.
Please kindly give the interfacing procedure and gudelines for device
driver programming for to access external flashmemory.Please give me
information of the pdf format file links to above problem.

Thank you very much for spending some time reading this mail.