Reply by diegotrex September 7, 20072007-09-07
Hello, i builded at  a board based on a PDIUSB12 USB controller and a
9s12e64 uC (i choose the Hc12  uC is because i can debug it pretty easily
with the BDM interface)
I used as a trace the code from
that was intended for PDIUSBD11.
I think that my board is electrically ok:the D12 responds correctly to
commands as Set_Clk_Out,Soft connect and so on..

The problem is that during enumeration i read from the D12 an Irq value of
0x03 or 0x83, the low nibble=3 indicates that the bits indicating CTRL_IN
interrupt and CTRL-OUT interrupt are both set,and this sounds like a non
sense,the host can't require a byte and in the same time have a byte to
send.The two pins D0 and D1 are not shorted,i verified they can have
different levels
Thank you for any help,or just for read this