Reply by microbit February 6, 20042004-02-06
Hi All,

I am nearing Beta stage of BASIC for LPC2100.
Anyone who'd like to play or do some Alpha testing on it, please send me an
Email, and I'll send you the HEX file for download and a few Basic example

All that is needed is a Terminal (with ASCII download) to operate the
This is an early runner for RFBasic, which adds peer to peer networking at
902-928 MHz with frequency hopping and complete access from any node
to any node of all resources on the LPC2100, including starting/stopping the
application, even debugging remote app code through the RF link is possible.

The interpreter executes about 500,000 - 1 Million lines per Second, and is
a great
way to try some new concept on LPC2100, without burying your head in a
manual for a while first.
It supports Floating point and Integer math. It is programmed thru UART0 at
19.2 kBps with a 10 MHz clock. (cclk = 60 MHz).

I am specifically looking for input/suggestions as to what peripheral
function would be best assigned to which I/O pin (and perhaps which

There are no restrictions on the interpreter, other than the RF networking
is not included, nor the Flash File system for program storage in
non-volatile memory.
IOW your program is stored in the LPC RAM.

Once the I/O assignments are completed, a dedicated module for LPC2100
will be designed with option for RF.

-- Kris

An Engineer's Guide to the LPC2100 Series