My little runaway...

Ed NutterJanuary 18, 2017

Since most vehicles won't float and land gently from more than a few inches, some type of stand is needed to keep the vehicle stationary as work is being done.  It can also prevent crashes and broken things, which becomes more important as the vehicle becomes larger and heavier.

For now, most of my work is done with 1/10 scale or smaller vehicles, so I made a stand from leftover wood.  Full-size vehicles may require a hydraulic lift and jack stands.

Smaller vehicles can be held by gravity, velcro straps, or small nylon straps; larger vehicles need chains or ratcheting straps.

Height, length, and width are variable based on the size of the vehicle.

Stands can range from simple to complex, and have swivels and tools holders.

This is a very simple stand, made with a wider board on the bottom for stability, 2 dowels cut for risers, and a board for the top.  It comes apart for storage and transport.

I may revisit this and see what improvements I can make...

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