New 8Gb DDR3 components from Intelligent Memory

Intelligent MemoryFebruary 15, 2018

Hong Kong, 14.02.2018

I'M Intelligent Memory, a Hong Kong based fabless DRAM manufacturer, announces the availability their newest revisions of 8 Gigabit DDR3L components.

Orderable devices include x8 (1Gx8) configurations in FBGA 78 ball package and x16 (512Mx16) types in FBGA 96 ball package. Customers can choose the devices to have either a single Chip-Select (1CS) or dual Chip-Select (2CS) pinout.

In addition, I'M offers a 8Gb device in a x4 (2Gx4) configuration in FBGA 78 ball package, suitable to manufacture DDR3L RDIMM or LRDIMM modules for servers, which have been announced EOL by most of the large memory manufacturers.

All IM 8Gb devices support DDR3L low-voltage (1.35V) operation and are fully backward-compatible to standard DDR3 1.5V operation.The products are optionally available in commercial as well as industrial temperature ranges.

With dimensions of only 9x10.6mm for the FBGA78 and 9x13.5mm for the FBGA96 package, the devices are small enough to fit on a majority of existing layouts.

Based on these new 8Gb x8 1CS components, I'M is also releasing a revision update for their 16 Gigabyte (GB) DDR3L UDIMM and SO-DIMM memory modules with optional ECC error-correction. Utilizing the 8Gb x8 2CS devices, I'M manufactures VLP RDIMM as well as VLP Mini RDIMMs.

New 8Gb DDR3 components from Intelligent Memory

About Intelligent Memory:

IM Intelligent Memory is a fabless manufacturer making innovative DRAM memory products going beyond standards to meet the future demands of the high-end electronics industries. IM has company objectives to provide its customers with products having the highest temperature-ranges, highest reliability and quality plus provide long-term availability.


Joseph Chan

I’M Intelligent Memory Limited

Phone: +852 2422 0422


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