Nokia in Soup Again?

Kunal SinghMarch 1, 20081 comment
After suffering a big blow its image due to faulty "BL-5C Batteries", Nokia seems to have landed in another trouble. Company's decision to shutdown its manufacturing plant in Germany, has sparked strong public ire towards Nokia in the country.

The strong political and government support to the Anti-Nokia movement, might mean a further Erosion of Company's Image  and loss of revenue in Germany (and some other European countries).

Nokia had handled the "BL-5C" issue in a brave and efficient manner. Whereas the company was brave enough to accept the problems with its battery (I guess there was no other way either), it also executed the "battery replacement" program in an effective and efficient manner. I had to just enter my battery details and my postal address on Nokia's website, and with in a couple of weeks I received a replacement pack through courier.

Will Nokia be able to come out clean once again?

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