Configuration Management: Why Developers are Avert to

Kunal SinghMarch 4, 2008

A few reasons why developers have aversion towards "Software Configuration Management Systems"

(1) They do not understand the importance of configuration management. - It is a common and logical reason. But, it is also a very dangerous sign for any organization. If their developers do not understand the importance of configuration management; then it is highly likely that developers even do not understand the other fundamentals of software development. The situation becomes worst when developers try to protect themselves under aegis of "intellectual freedom".

(2) They are not familiar with the repository access tools - It is a quite common reason. There are too many tools actively available. If a developer has not used a particular tool (being used by current organization) before; it is quite likely that he will find it annoying. Some developers are even too shy to reveal that they are not familiar with the tool - which only aggreviates the situation. A simple solution is to have a formal (and mandatory) training for developers on the tools actively being used by the organization as part of developer's induction.
(3) They are shy to put their software on public display. - Some people do have stage fear. Some times this fear is related to the (bad) quality of code being produced (which indeed is dangerous). At times, it is just a psychological bareer. Having some minimum common coding guidelines in place ensures that developers do not find their code at odd and feel at ease.

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