Webinar: Designing and Debugging RTOS based IoT Applications

Embedded devices are being connected to the internet at a dizzying rate. Successfully creating an IoT device requires developers to master their RTOS and debugging techniques in addition to learning about internet connectivity. In this webinar, attendees will learn about advanced RTOS application design techniques using ThreadX that include how to properly manage memory, use event chaining and setup an embedded connection to Amazon Web Services (AWS). We will also use Percepio Tracealyzer to learn how to trace our IoT application to not just understand how it's performing but also to debug the application. Attendees will learn how to create user events and monitor the state of their TCP/IP stack.

This webinar will utilize hands-on demonstrations using ThreadX and Percepio Tracealyzer with source code being readily available for attendees.

Topics Covered in this Webinar Include:

  • RTOS application design to connect to the internet
  • Setting up and debugging a TCP/IP stack
  • How to use preemption threshold to minimize thread starvation
  • Utilizing event chaining to improve application performance
  • Reducing debugging time using application tracing with Percepio Tracealyzer
  • How to setup custom user events in Percepio Tracealyzer
  • Examining TCP/IP stack behavior and generated events
  • Best practices for using advanced RTOS techniques in IoT devices