Re: entry level S12 tools

Started by Sam Laur April 11, 2005
Oliver Betz wrote:
> So for me the interesting question is: why didn't HC11 users switch
> to the HC12? Maybe because there were not so many toolchains
> available (also BDM interfaces, we used first the SDI). I don't know.

At work we still used HC11 (711E9, mostly) up until 2002 or so.
We haven't stopped using them for old products that still sell well.
But support was clearly dropping off, for example windowed parts were
discontinued and so on. We still had our old in-circuit emulator,
which had cost an arm and a leg way back when we started with HC11.

Our products usually don't need much CPU power, often a PIC is enough.
The HC11-using products usually had external 32k EPROM and 32k SRAM,
but sometimes the internal memory was enough.

In late 2002 we had to start designing a new board which was to have
lots of connectivity (5 serial ports, CAN, etc.) and we chose to work
with the MC68HC912D60A. However, it soon turned out to be too small
for the job, and we made a new layout with MC9S12DP256B. Luckily most
of the tools were the same.

This development didn't go too well because of delays in redesigning the
board, and other problems. The work was not wasted, though, because
now we're using the 9S12 in many other new products, and it's now
our workhorse that has fully replaced the HC11.

SMD was not an issue to us; we used HC11 in PLCC-52 case anyway, and
other boards were SMD as well.

We chose the ICC12/NoICE toolchain and feel lucky that we did; one other
developer in another company chose IAR and he had really many problems
and surprisingly bad support for the price.

Sam Laur