SMBus HC12D60A - 80 pin

Started by cooltronics May 9, 2005

We have a board which has a HC12D60A 80 pin package. One of its task
is to talk with a smart battery on SMBus and provide battery health
monitoring via LED's.

From what I read, it seems that I can use I2c resources for SMBus
because they are extremely similar. Can someone guide me on this?

1. Which is the best way to do it on D60A 80 pin package? Should I use
the SPI or just the I/O pins etc.
2. Is there any 80 pin, processor which is pin compatible with D60A
and has I2c resources built into it (similar to DJ128 but with 80
3. We are using Forth (SwiftX) so any leads with it would be helpful.

Nihar Desai