Re: Request for software interface spec forSofTecMicro USB-BDM

Started by Edward Karpicz November 11, 2005
"Jonathan Masters" wrote:

>I would have to interject here and say that perhaps the grit in the
> oyster here is the S12X. You can spend $500 with Metrowerks and get a
> 32K unlimited file compiler which I suspect would be adequate for a lot
> of work. However if you step up to S12X, you have NO options with
> compilers under say $2500. I can see anyone wanting to get around this.

To be more precise free Special Edition of CW for S12X v4.1 has 32k of C
code limit for S12X core and as you said it's quite a lot. 0.5k limit of C
code for XGATE core is adequate. XGATE is supposed to service interrupts and
DMA like stuff. So with 0.5k limit for XGATE C I can do a lot with
interrupts. Moreover assembly isn't limited so no problem to learn S12X and

Edward Karpicz