ProcessorExpert & Interrupts in RAM

Started by Relson, David December 11, 2005
I've enabled "interrupts in RAM" to allow interrupts to be handled by
the boot loader or the user application (according to which program is

I've noticed that if ProcessorExpert has NVMemory's interrupts enabled,
in Vector.c it uses NVMemory_Interrupt rather than TargCpu_INT29. With
this setting, the interrupt ignores the address in IntTable (in RAM) and
always goes to the boot loader's NVMemory_Interrupt (in FLASH).

Isn't this incorrect behavior?

Of course I don't fully understand ProcessorExpert, so I may be wrong
about this. If I'm wrong, would someone enlighten me?

If I'm correct that this behavior is wrong, it's a bug in
ProcessorExpert, no? Anybody have a fix?



Note: My workaround is to turn off ProcessorExpert and make Vector.c
point where I think it should be pointing.