ANN: Open Source Visual Debugger for serial monitor - Pluto

Started by Eric Engler March 17, 2006
I'm ready to release some info on this new debugger, but the main 1.0
release is still a couple months out.

This is a modern Windows debugger for assembly language programs on
the 9s12C32 MCU that uses the Serial Monitor. Future versions will
support other chips, and possibly other languages (maybe gcc).

I took some of the code Alex Harvey graciously provided - you may be
familiar with his uBug12 debugger project, and I integrated that into
a visual text editor so I could make a modern visual debugger.

I took the TextEditor component from SharpDevelop and I made some
changes so it can show a yellow pointer to the current line, and you
can click in the gutter (area to the left of each line) to set and
clear breakpoints. To keep it simple, it merely loads the .lst file
created by as12 and you get to see the opcodes along with the
assembler instructions.

This is intended for college students and hobbiests who can't afford a
nice development system with a BDM. This serial monitor is better than
d-bug12 for many debugging purposes, and a Visual Debugger makes this
a friendly programming environment that will work with AsmIDE to
provide a 100% open source Windows development suite. It's not as good
as CodeWarrior, but maybe someday...

Here's a link to the proposed features and timeline. The first alpha
release will be out soon and I'm looking for some testers who are
familiar with the 9s12c32:

And the link for my open source IDEs is here:

Many people have already asked about linux support, and I think it
will be largely compatible with mono on linux, but I won't look into
that until I get version 1.0 done. I'm generally pretty busy and I
can't do too much at once. For now it will work with Windows 2000, XP,
2003, and the upcoming Vista. I can't promise Win98 compatibilty, but
it might work. I don't own a Win98 PC any more...