output to buzzer from MC9S12DP256B

Started by Shah May 3, 2006
Hello everyone,
I am using MC9S12DP256B minidragon evaluation board with an SRF04 transducer. I have written my program in C and have successfully downloaded the program on to the chip. Unfortunately I haven't been able to get a response from my buzzer.

I have attached my circuit diagram and am pasting my code here. Somebody please advise. I really need help to make this work. I have also tried using a IRF530N transistor instead of a 2N3906. I couldn't hook up the IRF530N, I am confused on how to connect this transistor with a 10k resistor and my output from the minidragon chip. Please help.

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Subject: [68HC12] Downloading C program to EEPROM

Hello everyone,
I developed an application in C language. I have two files -> one that
contains the function definitions and the other one contains the main

I was testing my code on ICC12 with the TARGET options set to 9s12dp256 in
12K RAM mode. If I would like to port my program to the EEPROM in order for
my Minidragon+ board to auto start the applications, can someone give me the


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